Overnight Sensations: 15 Celebrities Who Rose To Fame Quickly

Overnight Sensations: 15 Celebrities Who Seem To Have Made It Overnight


Fame is an interesting thing. Some work for it, others have fame thrusted upon them. The one thing all who achieve it have in common though is that they are never really ready for what’s in store. These 15 celebrities achieved widespread fame seemingly overnight.


Drake WENN pf

Photo: WENN.com

Drake rose to fame in 2006 when he dropped his mixtape So Far Gone.

  • medash

    WTF? Did no one see Drake in “Degrassi” Hello! “Wheelchair Jimmy”!!!!!

  • Emmy

    @medash obviously not! I remember when I realized who Drake was the first time I saw him! I was like that is Jimmy from Degrassi!!!!

  • Ayannali1

    the Harry Potter Trilogy??? really??