20 Actors Who Were Dropped Or Replaced In The Sequel

They Didn’t Come Back For The Sequel: 20 Actors Who Were Replaced Or Written Out Of The Franchise

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Sequels are tricky. Before studios can attempt to recapture the flavor of an original film they must first commit the franchise’s stars. Nine times out of ten, there are difficulties with reuniting a cast of actors high off the success of a tent pole movie. Egos, scheduling conflicts and a lack of interest from stars and studio heads have lead these 20 actors to be dropped from the franchise that made them famous.

Terrence Howard

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Despite his limited role in the film, Terrence Howard somehow negotiated his way into being the highest paid actor on Iron Man. Director Jon Favreau was reportedly less than pleased with Howard and the amount he was paid, so when negotiations on the sequel began, South Marvel offered up Don Cheadle a spot as Howard’s replacement. Cheadle has played James Rhodes in two sequels while Howard has credited the debacle with killing his career.

  • Joel0903

    Halle Berry deserved an Oscar for her acceptance speech of the Golden Raspberry she received for Catwoman. The entire world should watch it (the Razzie speech, not the movie).

  • Unf8rd One

    You missed one of the biggest of all time! Robert Duvall was written out of Godfather III over a dispute about his fee.

    • Rick

      Reportedly he wanted to be paid as much as Pacino.
      I wish he’d been in the film.

  • maddie

    Actually the Orlando bloom and Keira knightley but said they didnt want to do another Pirates movie. She said she had enough of period clothing.

    • Sally

      Which is why she never made another period film since pirates. Oh wait all her movies since pirates have been period pieces.

  • So you’re saying that Alan Cumming’s clashes with director Bryan Singer had nothing to do with him not coming back? Really?

  • terry208

    His name is Earle not Earl

  • Jaxon

    There is no Superman Lives film. It was never made. Routh played Superman in Superman Returns, which is the film with Justice League references.

  • smark1234

    Wow, the definition of sequel sure is stretched in this article. For example, Batman Begins is NOT a sequel Batman & Robin. George Clooney was never considered for the role in Batman Begins.

  • kiki

    It’s Maria Bello, not Mario. Did anybody read this before it was published?

  • Matt

    You guys really need to learn the difference between a sequel and a reboot. Seriously.

    Batman Begins, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Man of Steel are all reboots.

  • Alex L

    Guess they couldn’t list all of them, but they missed the Jodie Foster replacement in “Hannibal”. That was a bummer for me. She was really good as Clarice…

  • VBartilucci

    Glover was just recently on Opie and Anthony, and dsicussed not appearing in BTTF2. It’s more specifically the fact that he was offered significantly less than actors like Lea Thompson who were going to be in the film for similar periods of time. He also spoke about how he wanted to have the ending of the film changed a bit to make being rich not the big reward. He won to a degree, but kept pressing the point, and made himself an irritant to Zemeckis.

  • tannerose5

    I really missed Rachel Weiz in “The Mummy” series. She and Brandon Fraser had great chemistry.

  • Kurt

    Rachel’s last name is spelled Weisz not Weiz. Maybe a quick proofread would be nice once in a while.

  • vallybutterfly

    The first Victoria in Twiglight was better than the 2nd. The fake wig and Victoria was suppose to be beautiful which Rachel Lefevere is. Bryce Howard is not that attractive. It was very diappointing.

    • Krista

      Atleast Bryce is a natural redhead. Rachelle (not Rachel) is a blonde and colored her hair red for the part. In the first film her hair looks more strawberry blonde than red but in the second one they made her hair more red, the way Bryce’s hair is in the third movie.

  • Mat Hill

    Uh, perhaps one of the biggest recasts in history? Alec Baldwin played Jack Ryan in “The Hunt for Red October”. But Clancy balked at how he was portrayed by Baldwin, so when the next Jack Ryan movie came out, he was replaced by Harrison Ford for both “Patriot Games” and “Clear and Present Danger”. And then when “The Sum of All Fears” was released, it was Ben Affleck. Now rumors persist that Chris Pine will play Jack Ryan for a film reboot.

  • j

    So your saying Michael Gambon was dropped/replaced becouse he died that low.

    • DarkCatShadow

      Harison died, not Gambon. Gambon should have studied Harrison or at least read the Potter books, he STUNK as Dumbledore.

      • lucascott

        If you are going to step up to correct someone, best you get it right yourself.

        The gentleman’s name was Richard Harris. And ironically he didn’t want to do the films originally. As he himself admitted several times. Harris was offered the role 3 times, each with higher pay and only finally took it because a grandchild begged him to

  • RavenZ

    Wow!! On my cell I had to click off the videos over and over and OVER!! SO FRUSTRATING! Just to read one article… Doubt I’ll have the patience to do it again!!!! Ciao

  • Ryan

    Crispin Glover also sued over BTTF2 in part because they used footage of him from the first movie in the sequel and refused to pay him. It was kind of a big deal – I think it went all the way to the Supreme Court, which sided with him.

  • thesparky1

    Great scene in Rush House 2 in the end out takes. They toss a man off a 10 story building in Las Vegas. They look down and say, “He won’t be in Rush Hour 3.”

  • J Suzuki

    Nothing againest Don Cheadle, great actor! But Terrence Howard was a Waaaay better Rhoady! Too bad that didn’t work out, and hopefully he’ll make a comeback in the Marvel Universe!

    Black Panther?

    • Craig Christensen

      Are you kidding me? Howard’s Rhodes was completely overpowered by Stark. They are supposed to be great friends who will push back and forth at each other, yet with Howard he was the only one being pushed on. Cheadle actually took Rhodes and made him an equal partner in the friendship between Start and Rhodes.

      • Logan

        That wasn’t Howards fault. Thats how the films were written.

        • Craig Christensen

          I would like to agree with you Logan except there were a couple scenes on the first movie where Rhodes was supposed to be angry with Stark andI ggiving him a hard time, but he came off meek. He was overshadowed by Downey’s Stark even though the scene was setup for him to be rightly angered. The casino scene after the awards ceremony comes to mind as one example.

  • Let it go, dudes!

    This would be an interesting story if there weren’t 20 POPUPS interrupting the damn images every time and the annoying sound from commercials. Forget this! Can’t they get any more ads on this page.

  • RegentRoy

    This article is a good one. Some of these actors aren’t grateful for the gift that they get when their offered a movie.
    I heard actors like Bloom and Knightley didn’t like the direction that their characters were going in in the next POTC film and money were the issues. Where did you ever see either of them,except for him in “Lord of The Rings”
    Many actors get such vanity and big egos that they ruined their careers. And some are not right for the parts. G.Clooney was one. He should have never played”Batman”,he really stunk it up. And I really preferred Baldwin as Jack Ryan than H.Ford (he did Ok). Also the break out performance of Crispen Glover was right on the money. When the sequel came out I was very letdown that they had replaced him. I’ve heard that when an actor does some thing the director, another actor or the studios bosses don’t like that they are “BLACKBALLED” and they never get a good movie again,some of them can’t even get a”B Movie”. They get on the “D-List”.

  • danuman

    the 3rd X-Men movie was titled “X-Men: The Last Stand”, not “X-Men 3: Mutants United”.

  • george


  • angry

    Between 1989’s Major League and the 1994 sequel ‘Major League 2’ Wesley Snipes became a big time movie star and the role of Willie Mays Hayes was re-cast with Omar Epps.

    I only clicked into this article to see if anyone else cared.

  • Steve Matsukawa

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    If only the advertisers and those selling selling advertising understand this fundamental fact, then maybe one day browsing the Internet will become a better experience.

    But for right now, all of the ads and advertising is becoming a huge negative for me and many others, and may cause people to avoid the Internet altogether if only for their own sanity and protection.

    • Serai 1

      AdBlock is your friend.

  • Laura Carter

    Maggie didn’t do it for me in this Batman.

  • Serai 1

    I don’t know why people didn’t like Ang Lee’s take on the Hulk. I thought it was a very clever film. I especially liked the way it quoted from other movies. I found myself yelling at the screen, “No, no, don’t do that; if you shoot him, you’ll just make him mad!” and “It’s a ROCK; it doesn’t have any VULNERABLE SPOTS!!!”

  • Steve Worek

    What about Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick being replaced (and their characters changed completely to suit the new actors) in the follow-up to Rocky Horror? Or overall disinterest from the cast and creators causing numerous returning characters being written out of “Grease 2” – Kenickie being the most prominent?

  • sr71

    How about Bruno Kirby in City Slickers? Jon Lovitz replaced him in the sequel.

  • SilverstreakUSA

    its called “Superman Returns” NOT “Superman lives”…….are you serious?

    • Chris Levenduski

      How did the writer even come up with “Superman Lives”? Was that a working title for the movie? That’s one gigantic brain-fart right there.

  • George K

    X-Men III: Last Stand, not Mutants United. That was X2: United.

  • Rick

    Michelle Pfeiffer played Selina Kyle. Halle Berry played Patience Phillips. Not the same character.

  • Rick

    “By the end of the film’s shoot, neither man was talking to each other.”

  • nick

    Orlando Bloom & Keira Knightley’s story was done after the third Pirates of the Caribbean. Having them in the fourth one would have bloated the cast, served no purpose, and cost the studio extra money.

  • Michael

    I don’t know if it’s been mentioned before, but #10 should be Superman Returns not Superman Lives.

  • longtallnikki

    Gambon was Dumbledore from the time Harris passed to the last movie. Really neither was written out….

  • JePf

    Is it true that actor Alan Cummings confronted Bryan Singer during the filming of X-Men 2 about the ever-present coterie of barely legal (if legal) gay boys that Singer surrounded himself with on and off set?

    Because I don’t buy for a second that their clashes were about blue makeup.

  • N25

    A lot of these are reboots, so they don’t count. Also, for 11, the third X-Men Film is called X-Men: The Last Stand, not X-Men III: Mutants United. Though, the second film was called X2: X-Men United.