Your Morning Tea: What's Brewing In Fashion

Your Morning Tea: What’s Brewing In Fashion

FatAttractive-Post-1Photo: Liora K Photography/The Militant Baker

In response to the resurfaced comments by Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries, blogger Jes M. Baker took to her site, “The Militant Baker” to let him know about the outrage. She created an “Attractive & Fit” photo shoot with a male model wearing an Abercrombie shirt, showing that she as a size 22 women can still give the same appeal as their skinnier models. It’s a bold move and what’s even more bold is what she has to say about it. [READ More]

After losing their mother to breast cancer, sisters Zakia Clark and Makia Underwood created hats and t-shirts emblazoned with the phrase “F–k Cancer” with the “c” replaced by a pink ribbon. But their strong gesture was not embraced by the North Philadelphia Mall, who kicked the ladies out for shopping while wearing gear with the explicit text. What both sides have to say is interesting. [READ More]

For her Harper’s’ Bazaar Russia cover and spread, Sarah Jessica Parker kept the monotone trend going. In each picture the actress is wearing a black and white look at the behest of stylist, Juan Cebrian. We love the Dolce & Gabbana dress in particular. [SEE More]


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