Drake Has A Love For Unusual Sweaters (Check Out His Sweater Swagger!)

YMCMB rapper Drake is addicted to rocking Designer Knits! (See a gallery of his sweater swagger inside)

While attending the BMI Awards this weekend, we were in awe of Drake. It wasn’t the awards he won, including Songwriter of the Year, but rather it was his choice of gear. In the 70-plus degree Los Angeles weather, Drake chose to wear a heavy knitted sweater (see above). And not just any sweater, a fuchsia one. Unfortunately we can’t say we’re surprised by this. If there’s on thing the rapper’s taught us, it’s that he loves himself some sweaters. From bright hues to stripes to sparkles, he embraces them all.

Peep the gallery to see Drake’s love for statement sweaters.

  • Tina

    Somethings probably wrong with his arms? What's sticking from below it?