Michelle Obama & Kerry Washington At D.C. Performance Arts School

StyleBlazers Spotted: Michelle Obama & Kerry Washington Inspire D.C. Performance Arts School

Michelle Obama, Kerry Washington
Photo: Evan Vucci/AP

They continue to inspire! First Lady Michelle Obama and Scandal star Kerry Washington surprised some very excited students at Savoy Elementary School in D.C., one of the eight performance schools chosen for President Barack Obama‘s Turnaround Arts Initiative. The initiative uses the arts to improve academics and overall culture in the nation’s floudering schools.

Michelle Obama was lovely in a flowing top and beige palazzo pants, and flexed her famously fab arms for the students. Kerry was beaming in a sleek black top and harem pants. She even kicked off her shoes to get her groove on with the excited dance group!

We’re sure it’s a day the little ones will never forget.

Check out Michelle Obama and Kerry Washington’s inspiring visit below.

Kerry Washington

Photo: Evan Vucci/AP

  • iHM

    They should stop this kind of thing. Yeah, it’s nice and whatnot, but let’s be real. These are celebrity issues, and right now, people in this country don’t feel like playing around with celebs about these silly issues. Performance art is the last thing suffering right now. There are still illegal wars, illegal prisons, and lots of fiscal problems. And to top it off, the future is in jeopardy because everyone is aspiring to be a performer and not a doctor, engineer, or scientist. This is not the time to play around with your celebrity friends. I know the O’s are no different from the rest of the politicians, but at least act like it. They did run on the “change” platform.

  • Ronniiraygun

    I came across this website, and feel as though it is biased toward showing pictures of mostly black people. I think that is racist and is entirely a misrepresentation of “upscale, progressive, chic and sophisticated women.” I have copied into my post your website statement, you should try to follow it and have a balanced representation of other ethnicities to be a inclusive organization. I choose not to visit your site again because of your poor choice in representation. Please get some balance to draw in more readers!!! Blacks always want equality but then want special treatment which is hypocritical. Stop it and look into the mirror! Here is your statement – try to live by it. StyleBlazer is a 24/7 fashion, beauty and style website dedicated to upscale, progressive, chic and sophisticated women.