Street Fab: Iggy Azalea Wears Her Best Fur With Giuseppe Zanotti Booties

Iggy Azalea arrives at Key 103 RadioPhoto: Steve Searle/WENN

It’s insane that while we burn up here in New York, Iggy Azalea is just across the Atlantic strolling around in a huge fur coat. The “Work” singer headed to Key 103 Radio in Manchester, UK in a mix of designer pieces this morning.


Iggy Azalea arrives at Key 103 RadioPhoto: Steve Searle/WENN
Iggy sported a $672 Max and Moi Syracuse Fur Coat found here, Givenchy t-shirt, print pants and $1,340 Giuseppe Zanotti stiletto lace-up booties found here. This outfit only works on her because she has a tall Amazon-like frame, but we would never suggest this for a non-celebrity.

Aside from the fact that nothing matches, it’s a bit of a dramatic getup. We’ll give her this: She’s a rapper, so she has to come with more attitude, which she’s totally giving us in these pics.

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  1. says:

    Iggy’s Shoe game is always so on point

  2. says:

    oh my god. look at that yellow hair. thats nice.

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