StyleBlazer Approved: 10 Super Sleek & Chic Designer Makeup Bags. Double These As Clutches!

StyleBlazer Approved: 10 Super Sleek & Chic Designer Makeup Bags (Double These As Clutches!)

sleek and chic cosmetics cases

Whether you’re going out for the weekend or off on a getaway, travel in style with a cute designer makeup bag that can hold all your essentials and double as a clutch for nights out. How’s that for multitasking? So when it comes to makeup bags we’re looking for a small size that can tuck easily into a bag or mobile by hand; made in a material that’s functional, durable and maybe even water-repelling; and features a stylish shape, color or print.

Shop ten of our picks for cute and stylish cosmetics cases!



Marc by Marc Jacobs


marc makeup bagLips Print Makeup Bag

This one is a no-brainer: lip prints for a bag that contains lipsticks and other pretties is filled with so much cute we can’t contain the awe.




Printed Makeup Bag

Marni prints aren’t just cool for your wardrobe, they also work for your toiletries.



Tory Burch

Mix Print Cosmetic Case

Whether you’re nervous about mixed prints and can only do it with a small piece or you’re so obsessed you do it all the time, you need this case.