Bankrupt Lives Of The Rich And Famous: 15 Stars Who Went Broke

Celebrities Who Went For Broke: 15 Stars Who Filed Filed For Bankruptcy


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The concept of celebrity generally adheres to two qualities: rich and famous. While most of our favorite celebs fall into both categories, there are a handful who can be described as used-to-be-rich and famous. Here are 15 celebs who mismanaged their money to the point of bankruptcy. Some bounced back, some are still struggling, but all have fallen on financial hard times at one point or another.

SinbadSinbad PF WENN

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Comedian and 1990s film actor Sinbad has filed two bankruptcies to date. As of last month the 53-year-old owes more than $8 million in taxes, though he claims to only have $131,000 in assets. The actor also claims to only make $16,000 a month and was reported as being unable to pay his bills.

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