War Of The Retailers: J.Crew Makes A Play For The International Market

War Of The Retailers: J.Crew Makes A Play For The International Market


Over the years J.Crew has risen to the top of the ‘it’ list, thanks in part to ultra cool creative director Jenna Lyons who overhauled the brand’s image.  Now that it sits comfortable at the top with the best of them, the brand is gearing up for another move.  Perhaps taking cue from retail giant H&M, the company is thinking bigger.  According to WWD, the retailer has plans to open more U.S stores, which includes markets where it already has a presence.  “We are still trying to densify…beyond that, we’re looking at markets where we’re underrepresented” said CFO Stuart C. Haselden, to WWD.  There are also plans to ramp up growth in Canada; open a handful of units in London, and unveil locations in Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Their plan stretch beyond that of brick and mortars, as they will launch an e-commerce for overseas markets.  “We’ll ship to over 100 countries through Border Free, that will allow us to quickly ramp up and gain access to a big number of countries. In markets where we have stores, we’ll set up localized Web sites,” said Haselden.


StyleBlazers, what are your thoughts on their expansion?

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