Green & Glam!: Tia Mowry Gets Wrapped Up In Lettuce For PETA Vegan Ad

  • Kitty

    i used to be a vegetarian but i gave it up because I love meat too much. I have a friend who is a vegan,I ate some vegan food at her house,it was delicious. artificial meat,spicy vegetables,vegan desserts -very yummy.

  • iHM

    Vegan food is good. That doesn’t mean I’d ever want to be a vegan, but the food can be very good, if the chef knows what they are doing and doesn’t go overboard with the tofu and other fake meat.

  • randomtandem


    I hate when people get on a kick and then start putting it down for other people! Ok you wanna be a vegan! Go ahead! But meat wasnt “disgusting” when you were eating it and its not disgusting now! If you don’t want to eat it dont but stfu!

    just like those people who chain smoke, then they stop smoking now all of a sudden smoking is disgusting! and they wanna go thumping their cigarette bible up in everyones face! I dont like cigarette smoke and i hate being around people while they smoke. but I wouldnt smoke cigarettes then go around talkin shyt about people after I quit! thats hypocritcal and corny and so is the “meat is disgusting” comment! I love the Mowry sisters but FALL BACK TIA!

    Its ironic that the people who are rich enough to afford a big steak, stop eating it! lmao

    • Carnivore

      I agree! I thought it was interesting that Jessica Simpson was criticized for wearing a shirt about liking meat but vegans and vegetarians can wear similar shirts and make crappy judgemental statements about eating meat and no one says crap. They need to remember, if it was so healthy and natural to have no meat then they wouldn’t have to use vitamins to supplement what’s missing from their diet. Remember, tribal people did not eat meat as iften as we do today but THEY DID EAT MEAT, and they did nitot have meat-associated health problems. So the real culprit is too much meat NOT meat period.

  • ad

    Tried being a vegan and its hard especially when i have to cook for meat eaters and eating out on this diet is tough. i applaud her choice. but to each his own.

  • LucySkyDiamond

    Then he must not feed it to you right.; )

  • lilmissmatched

    The lettuce dress I can deal with…that blonde hair is another story….

  • Oh really

    I’m too damn skinny to be a vegan. I need my meat!

  • IAJS

    I think she should’ve waited for this, she hasn’t been a Vegan that long and might get the urge to go back, then she will look silly if that happens.

  • LeeLeeC

    WTF is up with her hair…sick of her and her sister now…

  • Darren Myt Collins

    she can kick rocks with all that….its summertime…FIRE UP THE GRILL!!!!!!!

  • Belle-Sexie Canuck

    Didn’t that lettuce life come to an end when they plucked it out of the ground to make her attire?? PETA needs to stop already…

  • Ava Daniel-Johnson

    the problem I have with vegan food is taste. If they would make the food seasoned it would work for me. that is why I can eat indian food, it has flavor. I think if vegan food had flavor, I could eat more of it.

    • TuriChic

      There are a lot of vegan things you can make on your own and season as much as you like. You’d be so surprised! I know I was. Experiment!

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