Can She Live? 15 Beyoncé Moments That Caused A Stir

Can She Live? 15 Beyoncé Moments That Caused A Stir


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 Photos: WENN/Tumblr/WENN

Beyoncé has to be one of the most talked about celebrities of our time. She’s reached iconic status but not without her share of controversy. Whether she’s bonding with Blue Ivy or taking a vacation she manages to cause a stir. Despite the fact that she is extremely private about her personal life that doesn’t seem to stop judgments in the court of public opinion.

Whether it’s true or not click through to see which moments made the list.


SuperBowl Bey

Photo: Tumblr

Beyoncé shutdown the stage down and the lights at the 2013 Superbowl.

  • wmmm

    I’ve noticed that when it comes to this woman, everything she does (which is usually positive) is warped into something wholly negative by the media and internet. Really tho, can she live?

    • realtalk

      @wmmm wow you are so right on, I just can’t imagine people being so far on her and her every move no matter what, I guess as she has said in the past that’s a part of being a celebrity. No matter what this humble women does or don’t do she’s always being critize.

  • Melinda

    Hahaha this woman is something else… She better hope hell doesn’t exist. She is the devil in my eyes.

    • cheche_201

      that’s judging but its ok, if she goes, then you can hang with her, because you just called the devil to your door step, be careful what you speak.