8 Beauty Products To Beat The Heat & Keep You Cool (This Weekend & Beyond!)


Sweaty Woman photo via Shutterstock

Nothing’s worse than spending hours to paint your face, putting together that perfect outfit, and taming your mane only to leave the house and turn into a sweaty puffball from the summer heat.  Luckily, there are ways to get around sweating your life away. For instance, Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo launched a new Airism collection that absorbs excess moisture to keep the body dry, releases body heat for coolness and quickly dry perspiration to keep the fabric cool and refreshed. But those won’t stop your face, entire body and hair from sweating.

So shop this list of our favorite beauty products that will keep you dry, fresh and so clean, clean.



1. Evian Mineral Water Spray

Not only does Evian mineral water spray cool overheated or dry skin, but it also revives makeup and rehydrates sunburned skin. Definitely something that should never be left at home on a steaming day.

2. Frederic Fekkai Cooling Shine Spray

Everyone hates sticky hair. Especially heat-infused sticky hair. This Frederic Fekkai cooling shine spray has UV protection that’ll give your hair the shine and freshness it needs to survive a hot day.


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