Where Are They Now? 15 Rappers Who Fell Off the Map

These rappers once had their chance in the spotlight but for some reason simply faded into the background. Hot today, gone tomorrow.¬†Are they in jail? Did they quit? Financial troubles? Career bludgeoned beyond recovery by a brutal rap beef? If you’re a hip-hop fan, we know you’ve probably wondered about some of them.

Check out these 15 rappers who disappeared on us and find out where they are now.


Mystikal PF WENN

Photo: WENN

After years of making music on the rap scene, signing to indie label Big Boy Records and later No Limit Records, Michael Lawrence Tyler aka Mystikal dropped his 5th album Lets Get Ready in 2000. The former security guard hit it big with his singles “Shake Ya A**” and “Danger (Been So Long),” helping the album debut at number one and making Mystikal a platinum selling artist. His follow-up album Tarantula earned him Grammy nominations in 2003, but that same year he was indicted on sexual battery and extortion charges for forcing his hairstylist to perform sexual acts. He was sentenced to 6 years in prison and released in 2010. Now signed to former rival label Cash Money, Mystikal is working on a new album.

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  1. says:

    what about my boy camron?

  2. says:

    It’s a great list, but Lil Jon’s above the rest in my opinion. He was on The Apprentice. Def bigger musical impact. I also think Mase’s impact back in ’97 with that Harlem World was on a different level than the rest.

    • says:

      this “article” is pathetically written to sell perfume as it stops at # 8 and satrts selling products. what a low blow for our culture.

  3. says:

    Well, it’s obvious where Mike Jones went to: he’s been living in tattoo parlors.

  4. says:

    riDICKulous list …what is wrong with our society that it has to tear everything down like this ?

  5. says:

    funny how many start with “lil” or “young”

  6. says:

    You know who else we haven’t heard form in awhile? Tupac.

  7. says:

    & Where Is DOCTOR DRE ?

  8. says:

    This feature should have been called 3 rappers who fell of the map, Eminem’s group and 11 guys you never heard of.

  9. says:

    Who cares? 15 less rappers vastly improves the musical landscape.

  10. says:

    time to get real jobs kneegr0wes!

    • says:

      Their job makes them millions of dollars. Your job is to browse the Internet and watch everything they do! Sincerely, a happy and rap loving Kneegrowe.

  11. says:

    this is proof that there is a God!! Rap is crap, hip hop outa here!

    • says:

      If its so crap then why sir did you open this article and scroll through all 15 slides? Obviously the genre of music intrigues you or else you just like to spend your time reading “crap”. If that’s the case then I would like to request for someone to get YOU outta here! People bash rap yet somewhere in America, Miley Cyrus is still twerking. Sincerely, a happy and rap loving kneegrowe.

  12. says:

    Ja- Rule went to jail also, do your research!

  13. says:

    Wow trying to read this article and I can’t even move one page without getting 5 pop ups including a whole seperate page of bs. Really? Lay off the the smothering adds. I know you need the finacial support but there are other ways than throwing it all in my face to where I can’t even read what you wrote.

  14. says:

    Funny that this blog is by a black guy and the first place he assumes why they fell off the map is “Are they in jail?”. Black on black prejudice…..lol.

  15. says:

    lil flip fell of because he lost credibility in his ‘king of the south’ beef with TI, chingy sadly was the focus of a vicious rumor that turned out not to be true (he slept with a transexual) which cooled off any heat he had….it seems from the ‘list’ if you are a rapper (versus a hip hop artist) from a non-coastal location (ie: east/west coast) and you jump the shark by naming yourself ‘lil’ or ‘young’ then that one album that drops may be as good as it gets.

  16. says:

    Still waiting on “The Detox”

  17. says:

    Wanna hear about artists I’ve heard of..most on this list was like “who”..wat about
    run dmc, bun b or big caz, Mob depp (sumthin like that) & watevr happened to pebbles to name just a few…
    If your gonna lure folks in with a good byline, at least make the story interesting & Please get the pop up ads down to a few. The home depot is really starting to piss me off

  18. says:

    J Kwon was sick I wish he was still doin it, fuckin hood hop rocked.

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