VFiles Collaborates With The Bling Ring For An Exclusive Capsule Collection (Get Your Hands On The Collection Before They Enter The Chain Of Custody)


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, we’re sure you’ve heard about the movie, ‘The bling ring.’  The movie, directed by one of fashion’s favorite style maven, Sofia Coppola, took Cannes by storm, and now the expected summer hit is in a theater near you.  But if watching the film simply isn’t enough and you want to get closer–  short of committing a robbery of course– then VFiles has just the capsule collection for you.  Inspired by the film, the collection is sold as a set, which consist of 3 shorts, each with a quote from the movie, nail wraps and ring pops, but the best part is that they are packaged in an evidence bag.

The collection, sold exclusively on vfiles.com, will set you back $99.  So if you want to form your own fashionable clad bling ring, or if you think the set is cool– like we do– then over to vfiles.com.

Take a look below to see what you would get for your $99.




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