Becoming 'Yeezus': How Kanye West's Style Has Evolved

Becoming ‘Yeezus’: How Kanye West’s Style Has Evolved Since ‘The College Dropout’


In honor of the debut of Kanye’s latest album Yeezus we’re taking a trip down memory lane. It’s been nine years since Kanye West debuted The College Dropout and much has changed. Not only is Kanye now a father, as an artist he’s grown tremendously as well. Long gone are the ostentatious sounds of his past and in its place he has provided a simplistic sound indicative of growth. The same can be said for Kanye’s fashion choices. In a recent interview with The New York Times Kanye West was quoted as saying his thoughts on his previous fashion choices were “Kill Self.” Intrigued, we decided to do some investigating of our own seeing as Kanye is perhaps the most dramatic person on the face of the earth. We’re taking it back and starting at the beginning where it all started. Take a look at how Kanye’s style has evolved since The College Dropout:

2004- The College Dropout

KANYE WEST at the premiere of 'Fade to Black'


When Kanye West first burst on the scene, polo sweaters and popped collars were part of the producer-turned-rapper’s signature look.