15 Films That Predicted The Future

Films of the Future? 15 Movies That Accurately Predicted Events

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If history has taught us anything, it’s that movies aren’t a good barometer for the future. In most cases anyway– for every ridiculous post-apocalyptic film set in the “distant future” of 1997 (and there were many made, believe us), there are a handful of films that managed to predict real-life events that wound up occurring. Did the filmmakers behind these movies have foresight, clairvoyance, or is it all coincidence? We’ll let you decide– here are 15 films that managed to accurately predict future inventions and events.


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Though MGM currently has their reboot of Robocop in the can, the exoskeleton suit above isn’t from that project. Quite the contrary– the suit is Troy Hurtubise’s Trojan Ballistics Suit of Armor, a contraption designed to protect and sustain soldiers in environments like Afghanistan. The initial prototype, which was compared both to Robocop and the suits of the game series Halo, proved a failure, but several companies have implemented real-life exoskeletons to help people boost strength and endurance. Many of the real-life cyborg suits ironically look even better than the designs of the special effects heavy Robocop reboot. Ironically, the age of military industrial cyborg development predicted by the original 1987 film seems to be in full swing.

  • silksoul

    As for the Terminator comment “we should at least breathe a sigh of relief that they aren’t being controlled by a malevolent A.I. operating system” You’re right. Instead, they’re being controlled by a malevolent government.

  • verbatim613

    The X-ray scanner identification was predicted many years before that in the 1980 movie Airplane. There’s a scene where the camera pans across the check-in line as people are walking through the metal detector, and images that look like x-ray images of people are seen on one monitor.