Caught Up: 15 Embarrassing Celebrity Sex Scandals

Caught Up: 15 Embarrassing Celebrity Scandals

Constant media attention can be both a blessing and a curse for celebrities. Every embarrassing indiscretion and accusation is made public for the world to see, and there’s nothing more embarrassing than a juicy sex scandal.

See which 15 celebs publicly endured an embarrassing sex scandal.

Kobe Bryant

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In Kobe Bryant’s rape scandal or as we like to call it, “the incident that killed the endorsements” the Kobe got himself into a bit of a twist when he was accused of rape by a female hotel employee. Bryant denied the allegations, instead saying that the s e x was consensual. The woman’s credit was called into question, and ultimately Bryant was acquitted. See, he’s not a rapist. Just a cheater.

Bill Clinton

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No American could ever forget the infamous Monica Lewinsky scandal that rocked the White House and nearly cost Bill Clinton the presidency. President Clinton engaged in an extra-marital affair with intern Monica Lewinsky from 1995 to 1997. Clinton denied having sexual relations with Lewinsky in his deposition for a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him by another woman. Proof that he falsely denied his relationship with her led to his impeachment on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice, but Clinton was not convicted, and lived to fight another day.


Mystikal PF WENN

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Rapper Mystikal seemed to be at the top of his game in the music industry in 2003 but an indictment on charges of sexual battery and extortion forced him to quit early. Mystikal pleaded guilty to forcing his hairstylist to perform sexual acts on him and members of his crew as atonement for thousands of dollars they claimed she stole. The incident was recorded on tape and the rapper quickly agreed to serving six years in prison rather than allow the tape to be shown at trial.

Jude LawJude Law WENN PF

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Rule number one of sleeping with your children’s nanny: Don’t do it while the children are home, or at least lock the bedroom door. Jude Law learned this lesson the hard way when one of his kids walked in on him and Mary Poppins getting it on. As kids do, the little tike told mommy, Jude’s ex-wife Sadie Frost, who promptly fired the nanny. Nanny knocking-boots didn’t take too kindly to losing her job so she spilled the details of the affair to a UK tabloid. Jude issued a public apology to his then fiancée Sienna Miller.

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant mug shot

In 1999 the charmingly awkward  Hugh Grant was hauled in by police for lewd conduct with prostitute Devon Brown on Sunset Blvd while he was in a long-term relationship with actress Elizabeth Hurley. The incident caused Hugh a world of embarrassment and made Brown a millionaire from publicity deals. Don’t you just love happy endings?

Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver separated in 2011 after 25 years of marriage when it was discovered that the Terminator actor had fathered a child with the housekeeper more than 14 years earlier. The housekeeper worked for the Schwarzenegger household for 20 years and retired that January. She gave birth to their son on October 2, 1997 just 5 days after Maria also gave birth to Schwarzenegger’s son.

Tiger Woods

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The year 2009 ended badly for Tiger Woods. The championship golfer got exposed as a serial cheater. News of one extra-marital affair created a domino effect until over a dozen women came forward claiming to have been with the golfer. Woods issued public apologies and checked into s e x rehab, but it wasn’t enough to save his marriage. Wife of five years, Elin Nordegren, divorced him in August 2010.

Mike Tyson

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Tyson was arrested in 1991 for allegedly raping 18-year-old Miss Black Rhode Island after inviting her to a party. He claimed that the sex was consensual but testimony and evidence consistent with rape did not favor him in trial. Tyson was sentenced to six years in prison.

Vanessa Williams

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Newly crowned as the first black Miss America, nude photos of Vanessa Williams came to public attention. The pictures–taken the year before–which feature Williams in rather compromising positions with another woman were published in Penthouse magazine without her consent. With all the negative attention the Miss America pageant received, Williams resigned but is still officially recognized as Miss America 1984, and was allowed to keep her crown. She attempted to sue Penthouse and the photographer of the photos but later dropped the suit.

Tevin Campbell

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Former teen music sensation Tevin Campbell was arrested in 1999 for soliciting a lewd act from an undercover policeman posing as a male prostitute. Campbell pleaded no contest to misdemeanor solicitation and was ordered to pay a $1000 fine, attend Narcotics Anonymous, and attend an AIDS awareness course.

Rick James


Rick James  and his girlfriend were put on trial in 1993 for charges that included false imprisonment, torture, forcible oral copulation, and aggravated mayhem after the pair ordered a woman named France Alley to remove her clothes and then proceeded to tie her up, burn her with a c r a c k pipe, and force her to perform sexual acts during a week-long coke binge. While out on bail following that incident James and his girlfriend– once again under the influence of coke– held music executive Mary Stauger captive and reportedly beat her for 20 hours. James served two years in prison over the crimes. We have to say it: he was a superfreak!

R. Kelly

rkelly trapped 150807

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R. Kelly was indicted in 2002 for having sex with an underage girl, and creating a 27-minute videotape of the affair. Kelly claimed the girl told him she was 18 at the time. Prosecutors spent six years trying to convict him on child p0rnography charges but he was acquitted in 2008. Okay, so maybe age is more than a number…

Eddie Murphy

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Poor Eddie Murphy was attempting at a good deed by giving a transgendered woman prostitute a ride when cops pulled him over in 1997. He says the incident was an “act of kindness that got turned into a f—–g horror show.” Murphy wasn’t charged with any illegal activity but has sworn that he is “never giving anyone a lift again.”

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Marni Walden, Verizon Wireless Executive Vice President and COO, announce Viva Movil by Jennifer Lopez

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Snippets of a sex tape Jennifer Lopez made with her ex-husband Ojani Noa in 1997 were leaked online in 2011. Noa tried to sell the footage but J.Lo wasn’t haven’t it. She had the tape locked away in a safety deposit box under court order.

John Travolta

John Travolta PF WENN  Photo: WENN

John Travolta may not have been making any hit movies in recent years but there was certainly no lack of attention for the 59-year-old star. In May 2012 the actor was being sued by a male masseuse, who claims Travolta tried to have sex with him during a session. The next month, Travolta’s longtime assistant alleged that he was indeed gay and had been in a relationship with a man for six years at one point. Travolta has been married to Kelly Preston since 1991.
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