Khloe Kardashian Rocks Cornrows and Giuseppi Zanotti Sandals

Colorblock Queen!: Khloe Kardashian Rocks Cornrows and Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals At Ulta Beauty Event

Khole PFImage: WENN

While Kim Kardashian bonds with her new baby girl, Khloe Kardashian is hard at work. She was spotted at an Ulta Beauty event promoting the Kardashian sister’s self tanning line, Kardashian Sun Kissed. Khloe glowed as if she spent all day in the sun, in an Equipment Slim Signature printed chiffon blouse, La Marque perforated leather shorts, and a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti colorblock sandals. And she was beautifully bronzed for the “tanning” occasion.

Khloe completed her look with a gold necklace and hoop earrings, with side swept cornrows. We’re totally loving this look on the reality star– she is quickly becoming our favorite Kardashian sister when it comes style.

Peep Khloe’s hot look below.


Photo: WENN

Khloe PFImages: WENN

What do you think, StyleBlazers? Are you feeling Khloe’s look?

  • ijs

    Khloe looks beautiful and those shoes are to die for!!!!!

  • Ryan


  • Huh?

    she ugly and he nose looks entirely too small for her giant ogre face.

    • j a sassy

      she is still ugly and why is she always on some mag or on a talk radio show,, I want to see talent nit trash.. I cant stand any of those trashy kardashians,, and khloe has had a butt injections.. she is a liar and a fake and another kim k in our faces all the time.. I thought she was married.. then stay home and be a wife.. we have enough talented people to swarm over we don’t need talentless women!

  • she looks good summer chic

  • Tanisha Jennings

    Love Khloe. She the realist of the Kardashians. Beautiful Khloe. U didn’t lose weight because the media wanted u to. U did it for u & u look amazing. Don’t like the outfit. Love the hair, make up & shoes.

    • j a sassy

      She is trying to look like a cornroll hairstyle black chick!

    • tabby

      “She’s the realist if the Kardashians”. Really? Then explain why she won’t acknowlege that OJ Simpson might be her father? Stay kissing the crack. Wow!!

      • Tanisha Jennings

        Yes she is. And I don’t have to explain anything. And y would she have to explain who her father is. Her mother birth her. I’m not going to go back & fourth. It’s my opinion. U have urs.

      • j a sassy

        khloe is not real ,, shes a liar,, trying to say her butt is real,, we all saw the pictures of her with a flat wide sponge bob square pants butt… why lie… I will never understand why these women white , Asian, latin whatever Armenian.. get with blk men and feel they have to copy blk womens features and butts and lips.. DAMN .. cant we have anything,, now they are breeding biracial babies, adopting them and having them , trying to steal our braided and cornroll styles.. WHY… why can they stay like they were born.. why the lips, why the bootys and the braids..JUST SICK OF THE COPYING,, and the first thing out of their mouths would be the n word .. or monkey or gorilla! or fried chicken and that bytch kim trying to lie and said she cooked kanye fried chicken,, that bytch don’t ike she ever d=seen the inside of a has to realize and every other blk man chasing white woman,, that the blk man they chase was raised by and around strong blk women and women that are used to cooking and cleaning and not run around flaunting a big fake booty and trying to be on every damn magazine with her fakeness,, just watch and see…she needs to stay out of the limelight and raise her child!

        • j a sassy

          since they wan tto have blk womans features then act like a blk woman..kanye is used to his strong blk mom and you can bet before long he will want the same type of woman to raise his seed!TRUST and BELIEVE!

          • As I tsaid, Kanye’s “seed” is no longer black. It is half white. No matter how racially biased you are, you have to accept the fact that Kim’s daughter, with the ridiculous name, bears the very same 46 chromosomes as we ALL do. 23 from the mother, 23 from the father. Therefore Kanye’s “seed” also possesses 23 chromosomes from Kim, making her ONE HALF KARDASHIAN. Also, the baby is no longer either Causcasian or African American. She is BI RACIAL, a mixture of white and black. And what do you get when you mix black paint with white, or black ink with opaque white? You get GRAY. So, the hard truth is North West is a GRAY person, neither Caucasian nor African American. What we’re doing by all this racial mixing is destroying BOTH races and cultures. This isn’t something that either racial group should be proud of. There is a very real possibility that in our near future neither racial group will continue to exist. And, that is sad, because both cultures will disappear as well, and both cultures have much to offer this world. As I’ve said, I’m NOT a racist. I totally LOATHE racism and racists. I see things from a factual and scientific point of view. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with an occasional black/white marriage, but, if it happens too often BOTH SIDES LOSE!

        • What they all fail to realize, while they are cranking out all the bi-racial babies, is that they are ALL compromising their own racial heritage. Instead of black people and white people, there will soon be only GRAY people, that are neither, and both at the same time. You cannot alter the fact that each new life on this planet is comprised of 46 chromosomes – 23 from each parent. Bi-racial children are made up of the combining of both parents. North West is neither Caucasian or African American, but a mixture of BOTH. She is a GRAY person and cannot really claim the heritage of one side or the other.

          Neither do I accept the terribly old fashioned stay home and raise the kids rationale. Women have fought long and hard for their rights. We are NOT baby factories or housekeepers. We have every right to do and be exactly what we choose! I WILL NOT stay home and raise ANY MAN’S child, until he agrees to do the same for me exactly half the time. If I am at work, then HE should be cooking and cleaning and caring for the kids, and when he is at work I should be doing the same. The kids are made up of equal parts of BOTH of us. BOTH should have to share the domestic responsibilities. Why should only the woman have to work all day, then be expected to come home, cook, clean, and look after the kids? Sorry, but I have always insisted on equality, and my husband must do those same chores exactly half of the time. Three days a week it’s my job, three days a weeks it HIS, and on the 7th day, we both share the work equally. This is how it SHOULD be. For all of us. Period.

          • j a sassy

            Nobody said Kim had to stay home and raise HIS kid, but she should want to be there in the ids young age to put in the motherhood. le fashion cooking and cleaning my behnd… who wouldn’t want a clean house .. that’s whats wrong with folks now days..its all about ” got moneyi will pay a nanny oh that’s right..nannies write tell all books and get paid..what I meant by staying there raising you kid is stay off the mag and redcarpet especially when you have no talent.. each to their own opinions and that’s mine… PERIOD!

      • LOL! You hit that one right on. She even bears a bit of a resemblance to OJ the murderer!

  • Anon

    She looks good there.


    She looks great! Skin/makeup is flawless, outfit is cute but not overly done. Shoes and hair are on point.

  • j a sassy

    we all know when you lose weight your butt is the first to go… but she gained a stuck out booty.. FAKER and LIAR! she has been shown in earlier pictures with a flat wide butt.. now she has a big round stuck out butt..PULEASE!

    • Diana

      If you work out properly, you won’t lose your butt and you can actually make it more shapely. Maybe, just maybe she did it the right way and people shouldn’t be going around screaming “FAKER”.

      • tabby

        She got fat replacement surgery and injections, a nose job and wears at lease 3 1/2 packs of hair weave. I know you are hardwired by the white man to praise white women but I’m going to need you to fight the urge, OK.

      • j a sassy

        Too bad you believe that.. I use to be a personal trainer and I know how body shaping works,, your body shape is made up of genetics.. I saw pictures of khloe before and her butt was wide and flat.. if you work out you can tone your butt and work off some fat but you don’t go rom a wide flat genetic shaped butt to a big stuck out basketball booty..child please.. I have seen too many weight losers lose that booty.. fat transfer and injections are a dime a dozen among non black women.. and a few industry blk video women who say they cant compete with all the fake butts so they go get one also, but we all know 95% of black women have big round sway back stuck out bootys. I saw kim k and khloes pictures before and trust me they have no booty.. all you have to do is google kim kardashain fake booty before and after.they cant fool me or most blk women because we have bootys for no reason and never had to try to prove it to anyone,sure sign of a fake one.. don’t see serena trying to prove her booty.. black women have the sway back that curves into a stuck out booty..Thanks sir- mix-a lot for telling us black women way back in the 80’s to be proud of our ample bootys and that’s was back when white women didn’t want no parts of a booty.. now every white woman and her posse is posing with their butts turnedto the camera..some fake, some flat… whatever they all want a booty now, something we black women were born with!

  • Teesha

    Yes she looks hawt!!!!

  • Nonya

    Aww! I really like Khloe! She looks beautiful!

  • MLS2698

    Looks good except for the bra showing through her blouse. That’s always tacky, money or not….

  • tabby

    Plastic surgery and hair weave queen. All that money and this is the best she got? Oh khloe this, oh khkie that. Yall stay kissing the crack. Time to get off of your knees.

  • Gawd! Not ANOTHER Kardashian! I think I’m going to puke! Who in hades cares what cosmetic company PAYS HER to support their products, products that she DOESN’T HAPPEN TO USE, by the way, because they are too inexpensive and over-the-counter for someone born with as cash under the pillow as these tarts. And those shoes you’re all gasping about are not only ugly but ostentatious! Heels look positively stupid with shorts! Besides, if my butt was as wide as Kloe’s (She’s spelling the name wrong, by the way it’s CORRECTLY SPELLED C-l-o-e, not K-l-o-e!). The rest of her outfit, a raggesty, almost see through shirt and flea-market style shorts are just as unattractive as she is! This family makes me sick! Why won’t they all go away!

  • allysonrowentaylor

    no. no …… no