Abercrombie Pulls Taylor Swift Tee After Fan Backlash

Don’t Mess With Swifties: Abercrombie & Fitch Pulls Taylor Swift Tee After Fan Backlash

Teen retailer Abercrombie & Fitch has been a hotbed for social controversy lately, and this time they’ve infuriated a whole new demographic: Taylor Swift fans.

The company recently produced a women’s shirt with the words “#more boyfriends than T.S.” printed on the front. The T.S. clearly alluded to Taylor Swift, who is reputable for her many love interests as well as her record-breaking music sales. The shirt outraged the artist’s fans, dubbed “Swifties,” and caused them to take action. The group of mega-fans took to social media, even launching a Change.org petition aimed at the company to remove the shirt from its shelves.

One fan created a YouTube video to express her disdain for the shirt and garnered nearly 20,000 views. The company was so inundated with backlash from consumers that a callers to the company’s PR department were greeted with the following voice message: ““Thank you for calling Abercrombie & Fitch public relations. If you are calling regarding the Taylor Swift T-shirt, please note that this is no longer available.”

If Abercrombie keeps tripping up in the public eye, they may never ever be getting back together with their glory days of old.

StyleBlazers, what do you think of the T-Swift tee controversy?

  • ICanRelate

    The price of being exceptionally beautiful, talented, and famous. The very things so many marvel….are the very things resentfully envied. Then for a beautiful woman to triumphantly turn up on her unworthy ex(es) & have the world (literally) sing along….makes the everyday male douche(S) fear that all women will become empowered – & therefore quit putting up with their SH!#. So they s!&t-shame a beautiful artist who probably has a better track record then their own Mamma! Haters gon hate. We still gon’ shine!

  • lili

    Whats wrong with the shirt? She has had a lot of ex boyfriends…..

    • ComeAgain

      Can’t have been more than you’ve had hon. When a Fellow Female justifies this control-based misogyny; you’re more of a problem than the men resorting to these sl$t-shaming tactics.

      • lili

        Its just a shirt! That I find funny! Haha

  • OneAdam12

    People protest about every dam thing!!