Mulberry Gifts Bags To G8 Summit World Leaders (Look Inside To Shop Our Wish List)

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The G8 Summit, held in Northern Ireland, received a healthy dose of luxe this year, thanks in part to Mulberry.  According to WWD, the English brand gifted the world leaders monogrammed leather bags from their Fall 2013 collection.  The men received the Matthew 24 Hour bag, a work and overnight bag, while German chancellor Angela Merkel, the sole woman in attendance, received a black Piccadilly bag, reports Refinery 29.

While we aren’t envious of the task at hand for our world leaders, we are envious of their Mulberry swag.  Though we may have to purchase them ourselves, we’ve created our Mulberry wish list.

Check them out!


UntitledLily Emerald Mircrograin Bag


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