StyleBlazer Exclusive: Teedra Moses 6 Summer Beauty And Fashion Must-Haves

StyleBlazer Exclusive: Teedra Moses 6 Summer Beauty And Fashion Must-Haves

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To say New Orleans-bred singer Teedra Moses has a style of her own, is an understatement. The petite singer with a commanding voice entered into the industry as a wardrobe stylist working with other artists before emerging onto the scene with her first hit, “Backstroke” in 2004. Almost ten years later, Teedra has garnered a loyal following of fans who not only love her straight-no-chaser lyrics but sultry style.

In the middle of an international tour that will take her from L.A. to London, we took some time to chat with the diva about her favorite beauty and fashion must-haves for the summer. The singer who resides in Miami, is largely influenced by the carefree nature of the tropical city.

Check out what her favorite summer items are, below!

1. Curly S*xy Hair shampoo ($13.95) and conditioner ($24.95), Since Teedra is loyal to her hairstylist in L.A., whenever she’s not in town she keeps her hair clean with these moisture-infused products.
2. Argan Oil, The chemical-free singer avoids heat in her hair by air-drying and avoids alcohol-based products.
3. Water with Apple Cider Vinegar, “Skincare in predominately what you put in your body more than the topical stuff. So I drink water with a drop of apple cider for my digestive system and to clear my skin of toxins.”
4. Topshop Bralette, “I’m not the kind of person who likes to show skin overtly, I like to be subtle.”
5. American Apparel cinched jumpsuit and bodysuits, which she buys online.


On natural hair: “I’ve been natural since I was 15. My mother told us from a young age that relaxers won’t necessary. But I don’t consider myself natural in the formal sense, since I wear my hair straight.”
On what she enjoys buying: “I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes. I’ll spend a lot of money on bags and shoes, but not clothes because you fluctuate in size and trends change so much. If it feels right, it doesn’t have to be a certain brand.”
On her shoe game: “I was wearing Louboutins in 2004; back then they were more subtle, classy shoe. I like Manolos because they’re a classy shoe, I also like Jimmy Choos– they were the Louboutin, before Louboutin got hot. I also love Yves Saint Laurent and a good kitten heel. I don’t like gaudy heels. I like a dainty, womanly shoe.”
On concert outfits: “I plan for comfort, because I’m moving around a lot. It’s also important for me to show my legs because they’re a part of the performance. I feel Hot on stage and I like to express that.”
On growing more confident with time: “I see a strong acceptance for what it is. I see my uniqueness and I appreciate it. I know who I am and I can look in the mirror and see my mom and my father in my features– which makes me feel very strong. I feel assurance, beautiful and confident. My insecurities are so in check. I don’t project insecurities out in the world. I’m almost 5’2” and feel like a giant. And listen, once I’ve got a good sun tan, I’m really good.”

Teedra’s new album, “The Empress Pride Collection” hits e-stores June 26.

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