Buying Designer Knockoffs Could Result In Jail Time

Buying Designer Knockoffs Could Land You In Jail

Not that our trusted StyleBlazers would ever do this, but we figured we’ll give you a heads-up anyway. According to Metro New York, Chinatown council woman Margaret Chin unveiled legislation that would make it a crime to buy counterfeit goods. The maximum penalty would be a hefty fine of $1000 or a year of jail time. This is the same punishment for Class A misdemeanors like shoplifting, rioting, or third-degree sexual abuse.
So the next time you’re walking down Canal street and you’re tempted to walk into one of those shady sheds to peruse the counterfeit Coach, LV & Prada bags on display, think twice before you end up on a forced diet of stale bread and putrid water at your local penitentiary.