Kate Moss Uses Body Double for Stuart Campaign

Model Stuntin’: Kate Moss Uses Body Double For Campaign

Kate Moss pictured filming
Photo: WENN

Oh, Kate Moss. The supermodel is still putting the rest of us to shame and looking hotter than ever at almost 40 years old. Moss most recently went to work on what is rumored to be a Stuart Weitzman campaign (the brand has neither confirmed or denied). She boasted her signature shaggy-chic hair, legendary cheekbones, and a quintessential smoky eye for the shoot (along with a fur coat and sheer top).

The centerpiece of the whole affair (aside from what appeared to be a lack of underwear), was a pair of thigh high boots that call to mind images of Julia Roberts à la Pretty Woman.

What has us stumped is why Moss would use a body double for a campaign whose focal point is on these foxy boots. It appears that the body double, who wasn’t a dead ringer for the supermodel by any means, filled in only when it came time to shoot mundane zoom-ins of the shoes.

It’s no surprise that Moss, a busy lady these days, would utilize a stand in for such tiresome shots. The model has fronted Spring 2013 campaigns for both Weitzman and Givenchy, released the most in-demand coffee table book of the last decade, and has just generally been amazing.

Or… it could have just been that the London weather was too chilly for Moss (yes, even in June).

 StyleBlazers, what do you think of Kate Moss’ rumored shoot?