Would You Do It: Tahiry Jose Wears Leopard-Print Dress To Wedding

Would You Do It: Tahiry Jose Wears Leopard-Print Dress To Wedding

Tahiry Wedding3Photo: Instragram

We’re not one to judge…. but something about Tahiry Jose’s recent wedding attire rubs us the wrong way. The reality star donned a leopard print maxi dress from Duckie Confetti to the celebratory event.


Tahiry Wedding2Photo: Instragram

Posing with friends and family, the model seemed very confident in the long-sleeve frock. And the dress itself, looks great on her curvacious shape. But for a formal setting, it’s a little risque.


Tahiry Wedding1Photo: Instragram
Tahiry Wedding4Photo: Instragram

On the plus side, it is a floor length dress which is a good length for an afternoon-to-night wedding. But all and all we’re thinking this would have been better for a different time and place.


Tahiry Wedding5Photo: Instragram

Would you wear leopard to a wedding?

  • realrosa

    She looks classy

    • Godzilla Jr.

      …for a hoodbooger, lol

  • Black

    What do you expect? She’s tacky! Duh.

  • A wedding is formal for the participants and semi formal for the guests. She looks fine.

  • IngStew

    TACKY EFFER!!!!!

  • Whitty Huton Wuld Toor AKA DD

    Wow so i’m being moderated for saying she’s tacky? she has no couth!

  • olivia

    Her outfit is out of season. Why does it look like its made of some heavy material? She was probably sweating profusely.

    And is that a dress or a top and a maxi skirt?

    • Reese

      Her armpits are sweaty in that winter poly cotton blend mess.


    If the dress was a nice coral, yellow or mint color, she’d get a pass…but the leopard is a no no!

  • BeeBee

    She should learn to wear loosely fitted clothes especially to events like this. You don’t have to show off ur curves everywhere u go..its inappropriate.

  • DATRUTH101


  • Reese

    I’m not sure when that get up would be appropriate other than walking skid row for a quit hit and a place to stay for the night.

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