StyleBlazer Street Fashion Shots International: The Jamaica Dancehall Edition (Photos Galore)

StyleBlazer Street Fashion Shots International: The Jamaican Dancehall Edition (Photos Galore)

We’ll cut the talk short and let the fashion speak for itself. StyleBlazer recently paid a visit to Negril, Jamaica, and aside from capturing incredible footage from the Reggae’s Gone Country concert at the Breezes Hotel, we hit the road in search of  some wicked Dancehall style. The guys definitely take the crown this go round, from big hair to fresh kicks, their clean threads turned heads. Keep an open mind StyleBlazers, Jamaica’s fashion is not the easiest to digest but it sure is fun to look at. Bon voyage! Indulge in the gallery below. 

  • Ebony

    They're certainly fashion forward. One love

  • shante

    I like this last pic but it don't have nothing to do with the clothes!!!!! <3

    • ainsley brookks

      not all jamaican is the same u will hafto experience it for yourself lot of people find love an it last forever an some dont tell me were in the word u dnt find that type a thing its silly when people make comment like that

  • Gr*Dame

    What is the name of that hairstyle and hair type in picture 6?

    • Maarga


      • LMBO


    • guest

      its just kinky yaki the kind you buy to do kinky twists they just left more of it loose

  • Kay

    This is not a true depiction of Jamaican Dancehall Fashion !

    • caribbean gurl

      I am a Jamaican, and i definitely agree with you.

  • angela

    dancehall at its finest. bah ha ha ha

  • old dawg

    r u mad they didnt go to tobago

  • stand

    they are just young people havin fun. like yall old ppl never did that. leave young ppl alone.

  • KJ

    Looks ok

  • sithka

    My baby looks hawt!

  • Isaidit

    That last pic. Where are them men that look like him in NY?!? He is gorgeous. Very NICE!

  • keno