14 Stars Whose Talent Was Undermined By Their Personal Lives

14 Stars Whose Talent Was Undermined By Their Personal Lives

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There are celebrities we know from their achievements in films, music, and TV, and then there are celebrities we used to know from their achievements in films, music and TV. These are the ones who let their troubled personal life or offstage antics completely undermine their prior accomplishments. These 14 celebrities were once famous for being great at their trade, but now have just seemed to command attention for whatever went on with them behind-the-scenes. We present to you these troubled celebs of past and present and the true talents that we should really be focusing on.

Chevy Chase

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Chevy Chase has undone so much of his career accomplishments through a difficult reputation that stretches back to his Saturday Night Live days. From his backstage rivalry with replacement Bill Murray up to his recently publicized breakup with Dan Harmon and the cast of Community, Chase’s reputation for being a jerk has undermined his innovations in the field of comedy. The comedian’s knack for masking biting satirical humor with a disarming oafishness has influenced several generations of comedians. While Chase may be best known in the media as his own worst enemy, his true artistic contributions on Saturday Night Live, the Vacation series, and even Community cannot be overstated.

  • nicole

    I disagree. Michael Jackson will always be remembered as a musical legend…despite his personal life. When asked who is the greatest entertainer that ever lived a lot of people (and youngsters) respond “Michael Jackson””. His contributions to the world far out way his difficulties in his personal life. In fact, his death, sad to say, may have been his saving grace, as even the worst critics do not like to speak ill of the dead.

    • Eamon Monaghan

      You are so incorrect. Michael Jackson will be remembered as a child molesting freak show who apparently put out good records back in the day to anyone born after 1983. When I hear the name “Michael Jackson” I think freak. Sure he was talented but god what a mess he was. As for greatest entertainer, at what point is the moon walk, high pitched screams considered entertaining? The greatest entertainer to ever live is undoubtedly MJ but instead Michael Jordan. People who didn’t even like sports tuned in to see what he would do on the court.

    • Yaaaaaah

      Meh. I’ve always been more of a Lionel Richie fan myself–they peaked at about the same time, and released similarly hit-single-packed albums in a similar style. Michael took more risks as a music creator in the early ’80’s, but I think Lionel was more consistent.

      The only reason they don’t often get compared is age–Michael was 24 when he released Thriller, Lionel was 34 when he released Can’t Slow Down. That, and he’s a well-adjusted, mild-mannered normal person, with rather boring music videos. Goes to show–one shouldn’t watch music videos. They skew the results.

  • Jerry Murray

    Ensuing means “occur afterward as a result” so I find it even more tragic that we are not talking about Amy Winehouse’s time-traveling abilities.

    • Andy K


  • MikeofAges

    Dying young will sure undermine your talent. But I don’t agree that Marilyn Monroe lifestyle undermined her talent, except at the very end. Even so, her career already had survived the early stages of aging. Have to agree, though, that her lifestyle put her career in ever greater jeopardy as she got older. She was fired from the last film project she was involved in. Elizabeth Taylor? Are you kidding? She had a great career. Perhaps she didn’t work as much as she could have or made poor decisions at time, that requires some research, but undermined by lifestyle? I don’t think so.

    Then there’s the elephant in the room, literally. I am thinking of Marlon Brando. When he pulled himself together, he was the greatest American film actor of the age. Imagine what he could gave done had he developed small amount of adulthood during his lifetime. How can you leave Brando off this list? He’s number one in my estimation.

  • Homer from Springfield

    Judy Garland. Hank Williams.

  • Em

    Nick Cage was/is actually decent, I suppose, but the likelihood of his success?? C’mon (and I mean no disrespect) all of his admirable/good roles were years ago, and I wouldn’t pay 2 cents to go to the theater to see what the new-fangled Hollywood has in store for him!

  • TheCur13

    Maybe 3 stars on this list qualify for what the list is about. The rest were/are over rated to start with.

  • miznic

    DMX, an innovator? – – if you’re looking for rappers who actually succeeded both on the mic and in films, DMX certainly isn’t the first, or even the most innovative.