Channing Tatum And Jamie Foxx Cover The Hollywood Reporter

Box Office Buds: Channing Tatum And Jamie Foxx Cover ‘The Hollywood Reporter’


Photos: The Hollywood Reporter

Do we need another reason to check out Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx‘s new hit film, White House Down? Not at all. Channing’s hot sweaty bod and Jamie’s superstar action, and witnessing them firsthand at the NY premiere, had us at hola. And thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, we get to see these guys in action one more time! Jamie and new dad Channing chat about their soon-to-be summer box office smash and starring in a gun fueled film in today’s violent age:

 Channing on starring in a violent film:

“A lot of people call me up, and they want to put a gun in my hand, and it’s such a weird place to be in. America is very, very divided right now. But I felt [this film] was a good way to point out some of the issues in our country [including the polarization of Washington] without being too dramatic or heavy.”

Jamie on playing the President of the United States:

“The stuff I am doing now is beyond my wildest dreams — though I have met President Clinton, President Obama and President Bush before,” Foxx says. “They’re regular guys. George Bush loves his family, Christian man; President Obama loves his family, another Christian man; Bill Clinton, another Christian man. These guys are all human. Behind closed doors, they’re human guys. They are not mechanical machines even if their ratings are down.”

 Channing on working with Jamie Foxx:

“Being with Jamie is like going to the theater while you are on set,” says Tatum (left) of co-star Foxx, photographed June 22 at the Hay-Adams Hotel in Washington, D.C. “He is the purest form of entertainer I’ve ever met in my life.”

Channing on an alternate career path:

“I never planned on being an actor; I definitely never planned on being a model,” says Tatum. “I always loved animals. I worked at a puppy/kitty nursery in Tampa, Fla., for about a year or something. At that time, I thought maybe I should get a job as a vet tech.”

Check out Channing and Jamie’s The Hollywood Reporter cover shoot below.


  • bigdawgman

    Jamie, go on and give it up, bruh. It’s bald-head time!

  • universal

    these two need to go ahead and put Bad Boys 3 in the making………they would be perfect for the roles.