The 20 Worst Onscreen Couples (These Couples Couldn’t Even “Act” Like They Were in Love!)

  • monkeypox69

    “With a gorgeous African-American leading lady and a hunky latin male lead,
    Catwoman was a progressive film if nothing else”.

    Does EVERYTHING have to be about race with you Hollyweird Leftists? Just who are the racists here?

    • tt111

      Honey, this is like telling mice who are celebrating the crumbs of bread dropped from the feast table that they’re being too in-your-face about their happiness. Get some damn perspective.

      • mizzusceleste

        lol, I like that analogy.

    • artdude102

      Insert conservative kneejerk catchphrases, foam at mouth, blame the “lefties” for imaginary racist slights (and your miserable life). Take your meds and take a nap. Wake up and get therapy. You need it.

    • TraceyDC

      Acknowledging race and race issues is not the deinfition of what makes someone a racist.
      It is rare to have a “major” movie have not only a black female lead but to also have a non-black leading man as her love interest. It is not a big deal to point this out. That would be like callign someone homophobic for noticing that there is a big Hollywood blockbuster where the macho dude has an equally macho gay husband or boyfriend. It is what it is.

    • atlasshrugged2u

      Hale Berry and Benny Brat had absolutely NO CHEMISTRY
      to speak of, what movie were YOU watching?…

  • NailPolish

    Jennifer Lopezs best love interest on screen was James Caviezel in “Angle Eyes”.

    • babyclaire2011

      Jim Caviezel could make any one look and be in love with him♥♥

  • Jessica2248

    I agree Bey and Idris were weird together. There was a better chemistry between him and Ali, lol! Or maybe it’s because Ali is a much better actor than both of them!

  • kp22kc

    You might want to make sure you put the name of every movie in the description. I had to look up 2 of the movies because I didn’t know what they were.

    • hmontaigne


    • Tony Culpepper

      I was just going to post this. there were at least 4 I saw that didn’t have the movie title

    • fairportfan

      If i cared enough, i’d have had to look up every one that didn’t have the title.

      Actually, there are a few there that DO have the title that i’d have to look up if i cared enough to wonder what they might have been about.

    • Biz

      Dude, all the titles are there. Directly under the pic, right above the description paragraph

  • Steven Leitner

    What about Daniel Radcliffe and Bonnie Wright in the last three Harry Potter movies?

    • scmaize

      I know! He was much better with Katie Leung (I think that’s the name of the actress who played Cho Chang)! Bonnie Wright is cute in real life; don’t know why she seemed wooden and uninteresting in the later Potter movies.

      • EricP

        I respectfully disagree. Since I didn’t read the books, I don’t know how they are described therein, but I totally loved them together. And I love Bonnie Wright.

  • Wbelk

    I disagree with Fool’s Gold I thought they worked well together … They felt like best friends and lovers

  • Paige Kosa

    I actually really like Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler together. I enjoy the movie for that matter.

    • FeliciaF13

      I never would’ve pictured Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler together, but then again I would’ve never pictured Katherine Heigl with Gerard Butler but thought they did a great job & had really good chemistry in “The Ugly Truth”. As far as J.A & G.B in “The Bounty Hunter” I thought they were OK, I mean they were no Edward & Bella (Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattison) bit they were good.

      • EricP

        And they weren’t supposed to be. (like Kstew and RPat) It was an older and initially disfunctional relationship. What I liked about the Bounty Hunter was the way they could push each other’s buttons. That felt real. Was it one of my favorite romcoms? Nope. But it doesn’t deserve a spot on this list.

        • Alyse Johnson


  • Daniel

    “Natalie Portman – known for being wooden”…..known where for being wooden exactly?

    Natalie Portman–known for being wooden
    Natalie Portman–known for being wooden

    • explorer801

      Wooden? I would say ONLY in “Star Wars”! Not her fault either! The script was WOODEN!

    • EricP

      It’s a criticism that has followed her since SW. She was thought to be stiff in V for Vendetta. I personally didn’t think so, but I remember hearing the criticism. I blame Hayden Christenson for the lack of fire in SW. And George Lucas for hiring a model to be an actor.

  • Speacies

    Disagree with Jolie and Depp in The Tourist I thought they had great chemistry. Obviously not the chemistry she had with Pitt in Mr. and Mrs. Smith but it was still great.

    • babyclaire2011

      This is one of the most supenseful and loving movies that she has ever made it was impossible to figure out .They were truly in love Depp was amazing.

  • Scott Powell

    I’ll disagree with your take on 6 Days 7 Nights (Ford/Heche). I thought that worked.

    • Pasoguy

      I worked great!

    • Alyse Johnson

      I loved it I thought it worked very well

  • Maximo Gomez

    That Anne Hecht movie was released the same week that she was outed as Ellen Degenerate’s main squeeze ……that also made the pairing unbelievable, plus that Harrison Ford seemed so angry during the whole film.

    • TraceyDC

      She’s bi so what is so unbelievable about it? I also like Rupert Everett with women and he is very out.

  • 6150

    What about Cruise and Zellweger in Jerry Maguire… They were really bad…

    • miserychick

      Oh, I thought they were WONDERFUL together! Although admittedly TC DID have AMAZING chemistry w/ that adorable little kid!

  • Peter Lee

    You completely nailed this list…congrats and thanks for the chuckles!

  • Magdelene

    I liked Common and Queen Latifah’s chemistry. I thought it was sweet and understated- because it was supposed to be. Opinions vary, but not everything has to be amplified to be good. I still like that movie.

    • merrakesh

      OMG! You’re kidding right? Latifah looks like a man… every time I look at her lips I imagine them smelling like fish!

      • alliekat9090

        wow you need some sort of help there buddy.

    • TraceyDC

      I feel the same way. I wonder if it is more about people being unable to see a guy like Common dating a woman like her.

  • Steve Gans

    This list is incomplete without Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder in “Bran Stoker’s Dracula”. Never seen any other onscreen couple look so much like two actors trying to convince everyone that they loved each other.

  • RJ

    Why is there at least one black actors in these picks? What does that say about whoever made these picks?

  • Gene Bauer

    Matthew Mcconaughey and Jodie Foster..It looked like he made her skin crawl…

  • Vasher

    Penelope Cruz and Johny Depp in Pirates was about the worst chemistry I have ever seen.

  • DanielG

    uh….Richard Burton–Elizabeth Taylor? This is a list for millennials, from someone who obviously has no knowledge of a movie made before 2000.

    • TraceyDC

      Or it is a list by someone who was told to focus on more recent movies.

  • Snappy Kate

    Seriously, how could you have left out Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte in I Love Trouble?

    • Anonymous

      How about Johnny Knoxville and Jessica Simpson in Dukes of Hazzard?

      • Tyler

        Are you serious? They’re siblings in that movie

  • Liz99

    You should really mention what movies these pairings occurred in. Some reference point as to when these two people were paired together would help.

    • Will Stark

      Name of the movie is directly under the photo.

  • merrakesh

    Will Smith and Eva Mendez were GREAT in Hitch… it’s one of my favorite movies BECAUSE of how great they were together..

    • Connor McLeod

      “-especially when she seems to be shutting him out the entire film.” I guess the writer didn’t understand the movie about her being virtually undateable and then she finds out who he is and he has to try and make things right. I thought they were very good together.

      • therealnumber1

        Thank you!!

      • Me


    • Trudy ‘Mtram’ Rozani

      I also disagree with Kate Hudson and Matthew being on this list. They were legendary.

  • djtorchMusic

    I guess dude who wrote this ain’t much into “Ethnic Love”. His article is stupid. I saw some of these movies and though I’m not a “chick flick” kinda guy, I didn’t find these performances any worse than other movies. I can’t believe this article got published. The Jennifer Aniston move with mah man from “300” I found quite entertaining. So, my conclusion is this person who wrote this article gets the “Di*K” Award.

  • sgruyimd

    Wow, most of those movies are more than 10 years old, not relevant. Will Smith and any women walking is good, you bombed Kate Hudson and Mathew who were a real couple you dumb asses…These stories are a waste of internet space and human thought, we need to boycott this made up crap for more realistic news.

    • Serai 1

      So movies more than ten years old aren’t relevant? What are you, fourteen?

  • Serai 1

    Jennifer Lopez has never had chemistry with anyone, and that’s because she’s an incredibly bad actress. In fact, she’s barely an actress at all. So it’s not surprising she’s never able to convince in a love story.

    • Liv

      I wish I could like your comment a million times.

    • Critical One

      Well look who she’s attracted to in real life: Failed Restauranters, Boy dancers, Puff Daddy, wimpy latin singers. None except Ben Affleck were “leading man” types.

      • ShazzNem

        And she failed to get him to the altar too!

        • TstormVA

          Matt Damon told him to run for hills.

    • Jim

      You must not have seen Out of Sight. The chemistry between George Clooney and her was amazing.

      • Brian N

        You don’t think it could have been Clooney’s skills carrying both of them through the movie?

      • XanderZane41

        Yes, they had chemistry. Probably the best pairly J-lo ever had in a movie.

    • LesiaLeesh

      She had crazy chemistry with Clooney in Out of Sight.

      • Serai 1

        I disagree. Whatever chemistry was there was Clooney’s doing. She was the same whiny, snotty chick she always is.

  • Pugiron

    Not even Jay-Z could ACT like Beyonce is more attractive than Ali Larter.

  • KewlDawg

    They need to add, Fred and Ethel Mertz (William Frawley and Vivian Vance).

    • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

      well thats cause he was WAY older than her.

    • Saria

      They also hated each other in real life, but the show used the characters’ lack of chemistry as a joke most of the time anyway.

      • Bill

        Yeah, it was the few scenes when they DID act as if they liked each other that you would say, “What?”

  • A fan of the 1st Amendment

    I disagree with Vince and Malin. I thought they were cute.

  • Keith G

    How about ANY Jim Carey paring? Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Zooey Deschanel, Cameron Diaz…They beautiful women tried their best, but come on, it’s Jim Carey!

  • just me

    Julia and Brad.. the mexican? those two should have burned up the screen. instead. not so much!

  • Anony

    Wrong on the notion that Nolan decided on a different actress than Katie Holmes. She was offered the role in The Dark Knight, but turned it down due to her previous engagement as a lead in another movie. I get that you didn’t like the chemistry, but don’t make up stuff like this.

    • Critical One

      The Church of Scientology forbade Katey from starring in that follow-on. She showed more love than with the “Grand Master of the mood meter” husband of hers at the time.

      • D

        Wrong. After we saw “Batman Begins”, my friends & the rest of the audience noticed that Katie was the weakest link in the movie. If Katie was that good, she would had been in better movies & her broadway play would had stayed open longer than a couple of weeks. In other words, this woman can’t act out of a paper bag.

        • Tyler

          First, I find it hard to believe you got the opinion of everyone in the theatre about Katie Holmes performance, second she is ten times better than Maggie gylenhall, I was so happy when she died and I didn’t have to watch her atrocious acting anymore

  • rosie1843

    You also included Will Smith and Eva Mendez? WTH??

  • rosie1843

    Christian Bale had ten times better chemistry with Katie Holmes than he did with Maggie Gyllenhaal, who took over the role of Rachel Dawes.

  • rosie1843

    Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman? Are you kidding me?

  • Echo4Texas

    Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts.

  • xSassySusiex

    Nic Cage and Jessica Biel in “Next”. I enjoyed the movie but those two….nope.

  • BillyBob

    this post looks like a load of crap to me.

  • Biz

    Benjamin Bratt isn’t Latino, he’s Navajo Indian

  • FeliciaF13

    “What happens in Vegas” – I love & own this movie & thought they did a good job together! I HATE Ashton Kutcher & get annoyed every time I hear girls fawning over him ‘cuz I really don’t think he’s cute, but I actually liked him in this & thought him & C.D were great in it!

  • DunkinPeanuts

    How about Jodie Foster paired romantically with…anyone?

  • Will Stark

    One of the worst was Mary Stuart Masterson and D.B. Sweeney in “Gardens of Stone.” Supposedly she was so in love with this guy, she defied her father to marry him. But their scenes together were so lackluster, if you saw them together at prom, you’d assume they were brother and sister.

  • ToxicLocket

    I honestly think this was based on looks alone.
    I found quite a few of these ‘on-screen’ couples believable and sweet…
    Minus Lopez. I really can’t stand her… or Beyonce.

  • Brian Barone

    Natalie Portman wooden? Have you seen Black Swan? Or do you only pick shitty films?

  • ens

    Do you notice that a lot of these couples are bi-racial couples? There seem to be too many to be a coincidence and this is upsetting on many levels.

  • Preacher Man

    Just Wright is just wrong? That answer is dead wrong. Just Wright is just right to me. Very good movie. Please watch the movie if you didn’t see it. Make up your own mind instead of following this critic’s view.

  • Guest

    Please one more AD because 21 on 21 pages wasn’t enough. That’s just plain ridiculous! Won’t be coming back here again!

  • rmb72

    New Year’s Eve – hated the pairing of Josh Duhamel and Sarah Jessica Parker. Luckily, didn’t have to see them through the whole movie.

  • dramadiva

    jennifer anniston never has chemistry with ANYone. the Tourist is one of our favorites–we think you didn’t understand the plot!

  • Connor McLeod

    This one of the few times I comment on public forums, but this is one of the most mean-spirited articles I have ever read. I suffered through reading this and the Star Wars one was the reason I came to comment. Hayden isn’t the greatest actor, but you seem to just have a grudge against Episode II or the actors in general.

  • Tara

    Who the hell r u? and what are u talking about? Natalie Portman is not known for being wooden did u see the professional or anything she’s done since. What the F are u talking about? and Hayden- known for having the personality of a wet nap…. Uh, i’ve never heard these statements about these actors and I thought Hayden was nothing but charming and charismatic in the movie Jumper.

  • therealnumber1

    Natalie Portman, wooden??? Really??? 2 words; Black Swan….*drops mic and walks off stage*

  • frank Divo

    The problem with watching Queen Latifah was knowing that she was thinking about being with another female and Common was thinking about being with another dude who was on the down low.

  • cin

    well I think this is mostly because a lot of the actress and some of the actors are just bad actors.

  • nixon

    I loved Just Wright, I thought it was a great movie, which is why I not only watch it every time it comes on but also bought the DVD! I especially loved the fact that for once the full figured gal got the man! I also liked that it highlighted the fact that people can be vey superficial and often choose a mate for the wrong reasons and then wonder why the relationship doesn’t work out.

  • nixon

    A lot of these movies I didn’t see but it seems like many were just poor films overall and/or poor acting.

  • Beanpods

    I agree about Batman Begins. Maggie Gyllenhaal is such a better actress than katie Holmes it’s not even funny. For some reason everyone always feels the need to defend Holmes but, her marriage to Cruise doesn’t make her a victim so it’s about time the truth is coming out.

    • Tyler

      Maggie gyllenhaal is an abysmal actress who gave one of her worst performances ever in the dark knight. The best part was when she died and I didn’t have to see her ruin the movie any more. Very much preferred Katie Holmes

  • Missy Ellsworth

    Natalie Portman is an awesome actress. Had to be said.

  • Nita Hand

    They forgot Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis in “Top Gun.” Love the movie, but that relationship is more painful to watch than when Goose dies!

  • Toma Woo

    Of course! These are socially inept people… with the exception of Natalie Portman, Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, Will Smith and Eva Mendes imho.

  • dee

    I think Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen was actually great. They were fighting the feelingsand b/c of her position in the government itwas very awkward. I love them!

  • ultima9

    Harrison Ford is… boring? Seriously? …no other actor in all of history has been the centerpiece of more big hits than he… Say what you will, but “boring” does not seem to be a valid descriptor. And Natalie Portman is “wooden”? SW Episode 2 had issues, but it was because of the VERY POOR acting of Christensen and the script where even a huge Star Wars fan has to watch his step or fall through the death-star sized plot holes… Mrs Portman has been in many great flicks, going all the way back to Leon: The Professional. I’ve never once thought her performance was “wooden” by any means.

    This whole article is a poorly written excuse to generate as many clicks as possible. If more than 20 minutes was spent on putting it together i would be very surprised.

  • explorer801

    I know it goes WAAAY back, but what about the absolute WORST on screen couple in celluloid history: Dolly Parton & Sylvester Stallone in 1984’s “Rhinestone”? Their chemistry was about as bright as a Christmas tree in June…

  • Mellissa

    Woah woah, you guys think Batalie Portman is “known for being wooden”? What…

  • Angela Williams

    BIg Nope you got this one OH, SO Wrong! I felt the heat!

  • Vicki LaCourciere

    I thought they were lovely together. Still a favorite movie

  • mike3316

    Worst paring in a movie – Andy Garcia and Sophia Coppola in Godfather III. Granted the movie wasn’t that great (when compared to I & II) but that was a completely unbelievable and insufferable ‘relationship.’ The rolling gnocchi scene always makes me throw up a little in my mouth. I actually remember seeing it in the theaters and (spoiler alert) … people cheering when she got shot at the end!

  • atlasshrugged2u

    Uhm, hmm? I wonder why the chemistry between
    Latifah and Common wasen’t better, I mean they’re certainly both attractive?…

  • SuspectBlackMale

    JUSTIN Guardini?? GEE, what ever happened to him? Is he doing appearance as a SIDESHOW BOB impersonator?

  • MarySnc

    Worst ever were Kristin Scott Thomas and Harrison Ford in “Random Hearts.”
    I remember the movie at all simply because I remember the terrible
    chemistry between those two. However, I don’t agree with the Annie Heche
    /Harrison Ford terrible chemistry in “Six Days Seven Nights.” In fact, I remember reading about her being with Ellen but sparks flying with her and Harrison.

  • AP Williams

    The most surprised I’ve ever been by lack of chemistry was Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson in ‘Water for Elephants.” I would watch these two in anything, and I do like the movie, but it’s so lacking in chemistry that it takes you out of the story because you’re thinking about it. Surprising and strange.

  • Brian Allan Cobb

    Notice Denzel not on the list.

  • Sofia Natalie

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  • EricP

    You forgot Hayden Christenson and Rachel Bilson in Jumper. It could have been a great movie if it didn’t have to rely on the chemistry (or lack thereof) between them.

  • Liesl

    Your totally off the mark with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman in the movie Australia. First, the build up of their romance was like the old black and white movies that explored the attraction and second, when they finally did get together, it was HOOTTTT. Last, when he thought, he had lost her, it was heartbreaking and tragic. One can only feel those emotions when the chemistry and romance between characters worked….. It worked.

  • icantbelieveiamthisbored

    On what planet is Natalie Portman considered WOODEN? Hayden Christiensen is probably one of the worst actors ever, but don’t you dare blame that BS on Natalie Portman. It was a stupid-a$$ movie anyway…

  • Brian N

    If you notice, the majority of these pairs either one or both of the actors are terrible. There were a few I disagreed with: 1) Star Wars. Great love story, excellent chemistry. 2) hitch. How can you not like Hitch 3) fools gold. Yes it’s a cheesy movie but those two look like they would make a great couple.

  • codebronze

    “Queen Latifah and Common….feelings for one another we just can’t buy.”
    That and the fact that Queen Latifah likely has absolutely no interest in men whatsoever.

  • Jerseysmelltours

    Wow! JLO almost looked like a Latina in that photo? She better airbrush that out!

  • ScriptTease

    Don’t mess with my Common!!!

  • Davis Nicole

    What about Queen Latifah and LL Cool J in Last Holiday that surely was a horrible match.

  • XanderZane41

    Will Smith and Evea Mendez had decent chemistry. Not sure what this site it talking about. They got that one wrong.

  • Trudy ‘Mtram’ Rozani

    I don’t agree with Halle and Benjamin being on this list though.

  • handsomeblackladdiebrad1953

    ANY dude and Queensize Fatifah is a HORRIBLE COUPLE!!!!!She’s five-nine,223 lb.(as opposed to my five-nine,207 lb.,181/2″ biceps),AND L.OOKS MUCH MORE LIKE A DUDE THAN 95% OF DUDES!!!!!!!

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