Survey Reveals Fashion Choices of Women Cheaters

Scandalous!: Ashley Madison Survey Reveals Fashion Habits Of Female Cheaters

Calling all ladies who are prone to activities of the extramarital sort: we’re on to you —or at least your wardrobe! Ashley Madison, a dating website notorious for matching members who are already married or otherwise attached, conducted a survey that studied the relationship between female cheaters and fashion. Respondents included 52,390 cheating women (presumably Ashley Madison members).

The results? Pretty interesting. The survey reported that the number one store favorite for cheaters was, of all places, Banana Republic followed by J.Crew. So much for the misconception that philanderers are less than wholesome, right?

According to Noel Biderman, CEO of Ashley Madison, the typical site user is a professional woman in her early 30s. One-third of the women polled reported spending twice as much money on their wardrobe since before beginning their illicit trysts. Nothing like a little infidelity to fuel the economy, right?

Some other interesting takeaways from the study: 17% of cheaters polled wear Aldo pumps on nights out with their cohorts, Marc Jacobs handbags are a favorite among those polled, the majority of the site’s members prefer Ray-Ban aviator shades, and 12.4 percent of respondents admittedly return items post-rendezvous. Ew.


StyleBlazers, any truth to this study?