Kim Kardashian Trainer Reveals Post-Baby Workout

Kimmie’s Workout Plan: Kim Kardashian’s Trainer Reveals Post-Baby Workout

An expectant Kim Kardashian and partner Kanye West are seen out and about in Paris
Photo: WENN

Kim Kardashian may have given birth to her new baby girl North West just shy of two weeks ago, but she’s already jumping back into her fitness routine! To get back to her fighting weight, Kim has enlisted her longtime trainer Gunnar Peterson, who shared details of her fitness plan to DailyMail. And Kim’s first line of attack? The new mom has already cut out sweets from her diet. And once she’s ready, Gunnar plans to have Kimmie put in that work in the gym, by making her push a 200 pound sled down a 90 foot track. Putting in that work, work work!

In addition to the heavy weight training, Gunnar will also put Kim K. to the test with a killer circuit training combo that will include squats, dead lifts, cardio boxing and intense rowing machine. If we were Kim, we’d relish in the down time with North as long as possible, because she’s in for a killer workout!

Prior to her pregnancy, Kim worked out with Gunnar three to five days a week. And since she was often spotted in gym mode during her pregnancy, the hot mama should bounce back in no time flat!

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StyleBlazers, what do you think of Kim’s post-baby workout plan?

  • Mia

    And what she doesn’t accomplish through work out and fitness will be the work of the surgeons knife! :-))

    Reply from Khloe in 5432…

  • lol

    That broad aint working out, shes running to the surgeon and the butt DR,

  • lol

    come on khloe,, we waiting on you.. did you both go to the same butt DR? lmao.. and khloe your cornrolls are wack.. stop trying to imitate blk women just because you have a bkk man..try to keep him out of the strip clubs!

  • Dash

    Look at the old pic with her and Paris. Look at how thin Kardashian was.

    She has no will power. She should STILL be that thin, but refuses to stop eating.