5 Innovative Fashion Lines "Made Local-NYC"

5 Innovative Fashion Lines “Made Local-NYC” & Taking The Green Road To Great Success

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The outsourcing of production has really come into public consciousness in recent years. The use of overseas labor depleting the availability and creation of jobs in the US, and abuse of that overseas labor due to low wages and unsafe working conditions are two major issues that many critics and onlookers cite as troublesome. But some brands, like five that we met at a recent event highlighting local designers, are making an effort to revive home-based manufacturing by producing their goods right here in the states—New York City to be exact—while also employing the use of conflict-free, waste-free and recycled materials for the green road to great success.

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tabii just made local nyc fashion

Tabii Just, founded by designer Tabitha St. Bernard, practices a zero waste design policy to produce a sustainable line of womenswear clothing that is made in Brooklyn , NYC. After Tabitha makes her apparel—minimalist pieces consisting of clean lines and cuts plus bold colors and prints described as having a “Trinidadian vibe”—she makes the most of leftover fabric by turning them into cute pouches, clutches, and totes.  Think that’s amazing? The designer is only on her first collection! Love.