5 Reasons We Love Khloé Kardashian, On Her 29th Birthday

  • iHM

    All of the things in your list about Khloe would also apply to Kim, but people hate her. I like them all.


    In other news. My house is empty and it’s my last nite in this godforsaken state of GA! How should I celebrate?

  • marie

    She speaks her mind? Really? If she’s so honest, why does she refuse to find out who her real father is? She’s afraid to find out but she speaks out about other ppl. Kinda hypocritical.

    Listen, ppl can kiss the cracks of white ppl all day long. I habe never ever ever ever met one you can have a real conversation with and they not say something completely delusional. Khloe’s father maybe OJ, but she was raised with that white delusional hypocritical mentality.

    Not falling for yet another bamboozel I can think of 10 black women off the top of my head that leaves khloe in the dust. Not hard to do, she ain’t all of that, not hating, just telling the truth.

    Waiting for the feeble minded black ppl to come to her defense when she don’t give a flying crap about you.

    • j a sassy

      I agree, and I don’t think shes all that either,, can also name lots of black women who would leave her in dust.. if she so real why is she always lying about kims butt and that big butts run in her family.. liar… the mom doesn’t have it , the sister doesn’t have it and im sure the granny doesn’t either… funny the 2 with blk men have big fake bootys..now she lying about her butt,, you can look at it and tell its fake… she claims she lost weight . but we all know your butt is the first to go, and how do you go from a wide flat sponge bob square pants butt to a big round stuck out booty! NOY BUYING IT AT ALL!

    • j a sassy

      and if your booty is so real , you don’t have to prove it to anyone, and turning around trying to prove it does just the opposite..you should be use to it if it so real.. you don’t see Serena Willimas trying to prove her butt,,nor lots of other big booty black women like Free from 106th and park!

  • Hope iz She


  • Rashida

    Much love to Khloe on her birthday!

  • http://www.thesimtopianportal.devhub.com/ Gloria J Puel

    So sick of seeing this family! Please go away! All of you!

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