When Stars Depart: 15 Shows That Dealt With A Main Actor's Absence

When Stars Depart: 15 Shows That Had To Deal With A Main Actor’s Absence

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Part of the problem with having a breakout hit TV show is finding ways to keep it going. This is especially true when it comes to keeping the same actors in the same ongoing roles. Life often finds itself getting in the way of a show’s continued success with a set cast. Here are 15 shows that were forced to soldier on after losing their key stars.


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Holly Marie Combs (above) stayed on for the long haul of Charmed. Her friend and co-star Shannen Doherty? Not so much. Due to onset conflict with Alyssa Milano (which was rumored to be exacerbated by drugs and/or alcohol), Doherty was fired from the show in 2001. Rose McGowan swooped in to fill in for Doherty’s character and found a breakout role in the process.

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