Black Female Style Icons Of All-Time Playlist

Black Music Month: Our Fave Black Female Style Icons Of All-Time (Our Spotify Playlist)

Tina Turner

Black Music Month has flown by, and we’re sorry to see it go so soon! This month, we honored four style icons— Prince, Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson— who made us dance kept our fashion fresh our whole lives. But there’s so much more to celebrate. We’re closing out the month by honoring the black female style icons we’ve emulated from little girls to grown women. Of course, there are just too many fab women that we had to include, so consider our playlist a journey through time, from Ella Fitzgerald all the way to new school newbies like Solange. We hope you love jamming out with us!

Jam to our favorite black style icons.


StyleBlazers, which icon is your fave?

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