To Our Dismay: The Worst Dressed Of The 2013 BET Awards

  • DSmoove

    clear-cut WINNER of worst dress!!!! He must not have any mirrors in his house, or freinds to tell him that he looked like a damn fool!

  • NeaJ

    Lil Mama looks like a 50 year old woman. That hair, horrible. That dress, a nightmare! Whyyyyy?

  • guest

    These women who came to the BET Awards dress like low-class hookers only disgrace themselves. Evidently they have extremely low self esteem and opinions about themselves or the crack they are inhaling got them believing they are goddess. All I can say is thanks for low rating the and demoralizing women and if their intent was to disgrace BET they accomplished the job. BET tried and worked hard to give black people the type of awards and respect it thought us to deserve when no other channel would do so, at time I felt BET was colored blind to only light complexion people, but overall it was a program to honor blacks. So again we disgraced ourselves with the attires wore to show the whoredom.

  • Maggie

    Ciara is corny . . from the lace-fronts to the lame outfits. She needs to upgrade her style.

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