5 Sassy Styling Tips Inspired By Classic Summer Movies. Use These Old Flicks To Rock New Looks

6 Sassy Styling Tips Inspired By Classic Summer Movies (Use These Old Flicks To Rock New Looks)

The summer movie is in a class all its own. We revel in the misguided-mischief of its young characters fueled by the restlessness brought on by that summer heat. But if you were (or still are) anything like us, watching those cuffed dungarees, tie-front blouses, and matching shorts sets gave you as much life as the thought of cutting school and stealing your best friend’s dad’s car for a joy ride into the city. Yea, you can say we learned a lot from Hollywood’s classic summer movies.

Although you “a grown woman,” or man, now—emphasis on the Beyoncé growl—we’ve got a few summer styling tips that you can still learn from film’s classic summer movie characters.


The Sandlot — Accessorize Swim


The Sandlot easily goes down into history as one of the most cherished summer movies—ever. The flick focuses on a rag-tag bunch of young boys who love spending their summer days playing baseball. But when they weren’t doing that, you could find them cooling by the pool…and ogling the movie’s resident hottie, Wendy the lifeguard.

Tip: We’ve got a good reason to still ogle Wendy. We love how she keenly accessorized her swim—the hair ribbon, bright white cateye sunglasses, and red lip to match her swimsuit. If your hair will be up—which it will—tie it up with a cute accessory. Pick a pair of sunnies with personality. And don’t be afraid to rock a little lip color even if it is to your overcrowded neighborhood pool.