Nicki Minaj Tweets Sneak Peek Of Her Marie Claire Mag Cover

Nicki Minaj Tweets Sneak Peek Of Her ‘Marie Claire’ Mag Cover

Confession: we’ve been quietly grumbling about the continual lack of color on major mag covers lately. Of course we know this is not news, but we thought with a knock out like Kerry Washington, currently starring in one of the most popular scripted dramas in recent years (not to mention her role in the very buzzed-about Django Unchained), her face would be plastered across every major pub in America (she only landed Elle and Vanity Fair this year). Other actresses sneeze and repeatedly get major covers for peace sake. But we’re happy to see Nicki Minaj on the cover of Marie Claire‘s August 2013 issue, as the rapper shared a sneak peek with her 16.7 million twitter followers recently. Guess when you clean up people take notice. Minaj appears in the magazine sporting her newest bleach blonde and dark root hairdo, wearing simple but sultry designer garbs that clung to her curves—of course.



Are you liking the spread so far?

  • Kadadah

    Onika, no1 really gives a fk w/ your bleached out skin, hair and your usual “poses.”


      u gave enuff fk to comment u hateful crabby bietch

      • Kadadah

        Thanks…enjoy the remainder of your day!

  • olivia

    love the hair on the cover

  • MacingFacing

    Print journalism is officially DEAD!

  • Michael Valentine

    Niki I love u but that hair obviously inspired by white women and the light make up is only making it look like you weren’t happy b4 … Ur look is totally different from u b4 the hype. I’m from ny too . . The only women looking like that are white woman ma come on …. That’s like Mariah sitting next to on idol with pounds of black makeup on and we all just say “oh, she just likes black makeup”. Come ooooooonnnn

  • whiewashedblacksmakemesick

    Tired stunt queen. …next