4 Beauty Cures For Common Summer Woes. Cool Chaffing Thighs, Banish Body Acne & More!

4 Beauty Cures For Common Summer Woes (Cool Chaffing Thighs, Banish Body Acne & More!)

As gorgeous and as fun as summer is, it does come with its faults, like the inability to stay matte; or, the dangers of starting a fire if you have a healthy set of thighs. Fortunately, for all your summer beauty woes, we’ve got solutions!

Check them out.



1. Chaffing thighs

Ugh, this is probably the most uncomfortable thing ever if you’re a girl whose thighs touch, but thankfully there are solutions. Lucas Papaw Ointment works well to help heal the skin if the damage has already been done. Just rub some on the offending area at night and in the morning most of the irritation should be gone.

Professional athletes use Bodyglide to prevent chaffing and it works just as well for us regular folk. Simply swipe it on the area before heading out and reapply as necessary throughout the day.


A Hot set of Bandelettes (thigh bands) help prevent the skin from rubbing together. They’re made to fit your curves and, we have to admit, are a much classier option.

  • Jane

    What about stretch marks though 🙁

  • QueenOfLife

    Helpful! ..Minus the smelly feet part, I dont have that problem lol