SB’s Gotta Have It: 5 Muscle Tees To Keep You Cool (Literally & Figuratively)

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By now our M.O for this weekend– and Summer in general– should be clear, beat the heat.  One of our Summer essentials to staying cool is the muscle tee.  Simple and easy to wear, the no fuss top is often made from breathable fabrics, coupled with the large armholes, it is ideal for hot summer days.  As oppose to rocking our favorite band or a cheeky phrase– which we like to do from time to time– we are upping the style factor with tees that skew toward the luxurious end.

Look below to shop our picks!


alice_and_olivia_lthrshldrmuscletee_nudeblack_5_3Leather Shoulder Muscle Tee

UntitledAcne Studios Printed Muscle Tee


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