Battle of the Locks: Sleek & Straight vs. Wild & Curly


It’s an age old battle that women everywhere have contemplated for years. When it comes to the world of hair, what look reigns supreme? Sleek straight locks or wildly beautiful curls and waves? While it’s possible to pull off both looks, it can’t be denied that some people just embody one look more so than the other! We’re a huge advocate of curls at StyleBlazer, yet, in some cases our favorite celebs look better with straightened locks! These 15 women have chosen both looks on separate occasions and we’ve got to know, which look do you prefer: straight or curly?




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  • person

    Why does it matter? Hairstyles change from curly to straight to tight curly (kinky) and range in colors and/or lengths. Oh well. To each her/ his own.