So You Want Grillz: Rapper & Grillz Business Owner Paul Wall Answers Our Girly Questions About Getting Grillz

So You Want Grillz: Rapper & Grillz Business Owner Paul Wall Answers Our Girly Questions About Getting Grillz

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Let’s talk about grillz, girls. It’s not too long ago that our office had a conversation about grillz and who wants to rock them. Some of the ladies in our office would love a set of their own gold (or diamond, if your pockets are really deep) fronts. While no one is planning to show up grinning gold at the copy machine on Monday morning, the accessory (yes, it counts as an accessory) has more edge and more attitude than a fist full of midi rings or anything else you’ve order off of Asos recently. Exactly the kind of edge and attitude that will go with your tank and cutoffs for your next bbq. That’s why celebrity women like Beyonce, Ciara, and even the newly birthed hood-princess Miley Cyrus have been seen rocking the look in their latest photos and videos. Since grillz are getting their shine on in fashion, we wanted to know a little more for ourselves and anyone else interested in getting grillz, so we went straight to an expert—Paul Wall!

Check out what Paul Wall, rapper and owner of Grills by Paul Wall, told us about rocking grillz.
On whether grillz make your mouth smell bad…

Grillz don’t make your breath smell bad, bad hygiene makes your breath smell bad. If you clean your grillz and your teeth regularly then you should be good. Brush your teeth and get your teeth cleaned at the dentist every 6 months.

Tips to care for your grillz…

Brush your teeth, and your grill! Let it sit in hydrogen peroxide for about 20 mins, then rinse with water. You can polish it with a gold/diamond buff rag, but make sure you rinse it with water afterwards. It’s precious jewels and metal in your mouth, so take care of it.

On how long you should rock your grillz before taking a break…

I don’t think there’s a time limit. Whatever feels comfortable.

On men vs. women wearing grillz…

Grillz look good on some people and bad on others. That goes for men and women.

On styles he recommends for women…

I suggest bottom grillz. All gold, or something hand set in diamonds.

On what he recommends for conservative professionals…

I think all gold bottom grillz.

On whether anyone can rock grillz…

Grillz aren’t for everybody, but if they are for you, then we’ll be glad to take you credit card info and shipping address.

A message to those who can’t afford grillz…

If you can’t afford a full grill, I suggest getting 2 teeth. And if you can’t afford that, then grillz aren’t for you. Just save your money til you can afford it. Cheap grills look way worse than no grills.

On how he rocks his grillz…

I love to wear my custom Johnny Dang watch to match my grillz. The wrist has to match.


Visit Paul Wall’s site here, and get the answers to other frequently asked questions here!

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