DIY: Give Yourself The Perfect Summer Pedicure

DIY: Give Yourself The Perfect Summer Pedicure

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What other time than summer can you fully expose your feet? While your fingernails and hands get attention all year round, now’s the time to pay extra attention to your feet (especially when they’re on full display in sandals.) Can’t make it to the salon for a weekly pedicure? No worries! Try our easy guide on how to master the perfect pedicure that will have feet soft and healthy all summer long.

1. Shape nails- Start by trimming nails with a clipper and shaping nails with a file. Doing this before you soak your feet prevents nails from peeling.

Try: Revlon File ‘N Peel 6-in1 File



Try: Stiles Nail Floral Clipper



2. Soak- This is one of the most important steps. Create a relaxing foot bath by filling your tub or a large bowl halfway with warm water and add a handful (or about a cup full) of Epsom salt. Bypass regular epsom salt and look for ones with relaxing properties like lavender and eucalyptus. Keep feet in the bath for at least 10 minutes so that the salt can soften and soothe skin.

Try: San Francisco Bath Salt Company


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    Just got mine the other day, what a waste. I got a half a$$ mani pedi. I was so pissed it didn’t tip.