Celebrity Stylist Lysa Cooper On Fashion, Rihanna and Beyonce

Celebrity Stylist Lysa Cooper on Rihanna: “I worked with her without knowing who she was”

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Although the name may not strike a bell, you’ve seen Lysa Cooper’s work. She was instrumental in Rihanna’s transformation into the “Good Girl Gone Bad” pop artist we know today and most recently styled Beyonce’s GQ cover. Cooper is a breathe of fresh air. While most stylists are trying to rub elbows, Cooper says she likes “to keep it really professional. I don’t ‘kiki.”  Check out what she had to say about the industry and on how she feels about Beyonce and Rihanna.

On the fashion industry today:

I think we’re all in this weird moment right now and the World Wide Web, as I like to call it because I’m an old lady. It’s true that there are many pluses to everybody having access to information, but, what happens, when people have access to information, is that they think they are the authority of that information. Or quite frankly, that they made it up themselves. Or even better, that they know better than you do.

They’ve gone into that Coechella-esque white girl…I don’t really have money, but you know that these shoes cost a $1000 moment. That’s another thing that’s really bothering me. I like a floral print. I like a denim jacket. I like some dirty hair. Throw that all together, that’s not fashion. Everybody is so boring. I’m bored.

On working with Rihanna: 

I worked with her without knowing who she was. She was just some cute girl, and Ellen von Unwerth and I were shooting her. The one good thing she had was Ursula Stephen, who I knew. And so when I walked in, to tell you the truth, the only person out of her crew that I knew was Ursula. And I thought, Ursula is here, so at least I know the level I’m on.

On working with Beyonce:

There are a lot of people I don’t like, and I like her. I like how she feels about herself. I like that she likes herself. I like that she likes her body. I like that she likes her life. She’s appreciative. I think we need more examples in the world of pop culture that encompass, life, passion, art, and skill altogether. And I think it’s great to see her and Jay-Z have a kid – it’s a great example of all those elements coming together.

And it’s weird that people can’t tell [how nice she is]. And for me, that’s a problem. If people only they knew exactly how sweet she was.


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