Brandy Norwood Gives Makeup Artist BeatFaceHoney The Chance Of A Lifetime

Brandy Norwood Gives Makeup Artist BeatFaceHoney The Chance Of A Lifetime


While social media can be the source of drama, we LOVE that it’s also a way for us to connect to really awesome people from around the world without even having to leave our homes. It’s also a great source of inspiring stories like the story of makeup artist Tatiana Ward, better known as BeatFaceHoney, who went from recreating celebrity looks on her popular Youtube channel to being the one creating the looks on the celebrities themselves.



A few months ago, BeatFaceHoney heard that one of her music idols, Brandy, would be in Philly (her hometown) to perform and needed a local makeup artist. Throwing caution to the wind, the talented beauty asked her followers and subscribers to tell Brandy about her craft, even creating a video doing a makeup look on someone with similar features as the Grammy-winning singer. And guess what? It worked! Tatiana won over Brandy and received the opportunity to not only do her makeup for the Philly performance, but to beat Brandy’s face for several other appearances.


Check out this video of Brandy talking about the makeup star.


Read Tatiana’s account of how she got to work with Brandy here.


But it didn’t end there. Nicki Minaj another source of inspiration for makeup recreations on Youtube had posted on her blog that she needed a makeup artist while she was out in the east coast. Again, Ward’s followers petitioned for their idol and inundated Nicki’s mentions with praise of the makeup artist. It was a tweet from Tatiana that Nicki saw that sealed the deal. In that tweet Tatiana stated that even if Nicki didn’t choose her, that she thanked her fans for planting the seed in her heart. Nicki also saw parallels in Ward’s life of coming from not knowing how she would pay rent to her own life and gave her an opportunity to do her makeup for the BET Awards.

All throughout this amazing story which of course we’ll be following for more updates, Tatiana has remained humbled and grateful for all the opportunities coming her way.


This just goes to show, StyleBlazers, the key to success is in hard work, being nice to everyone (because of Ward’s positive attitude and great spirit, she was able to incite her fans to help her out), and continuing to hone your craft.

  • Vanity

    BeatFaceHoney, you are a great source of inspiration and also one of the bets make up artists ever, I learnt to apply my own make up like an artist from simply looking at her you tube videos, BIG UP to you, all the way from the Caribbean, #Greatness

  • TXMom

    That’s great! Ive never heard of this young lady but I definitely liked Nickis makeup at the BET awards.

  • Candance White

    You should credit TymetheInfamous for being in the top pic. She is also the BEST makeup artist. Check her out on youtube!!!!

  • rachrob1111

    Okay so they kind of got the story wrong, but I am so happy for her no one deserves it more

  • QueenOfLife

    I follow her on Instagram. Idk how I found her, but I love makeup so I follow a bunch of makeup artists That is a very inspiring story. Im going through a lot right now, and if I got a major break like that I would hit the floor lol