15 Celebs Prepping For Retirement

They’re Walking Away From Fame: 15 Celebrities Prepping For Retirement


Photo: Arnold Wells/WENN.com

While many celebs are content to keep working up until their death, some relish the opportunity to leave on a high note and enjoy the rest of their life in luxury. After putting in your time, there’s no shame in walking away from a career– even if it happened to make you super rich and super famous. Here are 15 stars prepping for or just now entering a phase of retirement.

Brian Stann


Photo: WENN.com

Following his recent loss to Wanderlei Silva, UFC veteran Brian Stann is preparing for retirement. After seven years and a record of 12-6, Stann is planning on walking away from his career as a fighter to focus more on spending time with his family. UFC President Dana White is supporting Stann, who has signed a deal with Fox Sports South to join their ACC college football broadcast team as a commentator this fall.

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