Blazin' Or Blasé: Ashanti's Rue107 "FiFi" Checkered Dress

Blazin’ Or Blasé: Ashanti’s Rue107 “FiFi” Checkered Dress

New York Premiere of Grown Up's 2Photo: Andres Otero/WENN

Rue107 has done a wonderful job of getting their dresses and swimsuits to celebrities. One star who has worn their pieces on multiple occasions is Ashanti who wore their “Fifi” checkered dress to the premiere of “Grown Ups 2” at AMC Loews Lincoln Square in New York. The affordable dress retails here for $47.50.


New York Premiere of 'Grown Ups 2'Photo: Andres Otero/WENN

She paired the dress with pink pointy toe heels and a matching lip shade. The overall look is uncomplicated, thoughtless and– to be frank, if we haven’t been already– lazy. We’d expect this for any regular chick going to the club on a Saturday night, but for someone with resources like Ashanti, we want more sophistication.



  • KK

    Its a freakin movie premier, what, do you want her to wear a ballgown? grow up

  • iHM

    God damn, haters. Calm your t*ts. She looks fine.

  • I like the dress a lot, I may buy it cuz we have the same body type…her makeup is washed tho

  • be real

    naw she doing great- why earn your money and waste it on yt labels- Ashanti saves her money unlike the other trained folks!!

  • J Rose

    Ashanti looks amazing ….. Keep doing what u doing boo……