15 Jobs The Kardashian Family Held Prior To Making It Big

Before The Fever: 15 Jobs The Kardashian Family Held Prior To Mega Fame

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Oh, the Kardashian’s. Hate them, love them, but it can’t be denied that we can’t get enough of them! It’s common knowledge that the family has endorsements and sponsorships out the woodwork but don’t you ever wonder what the heck they were doing before they magically appeared and took over the world? Look no further! We have compiled some of the surprising, random, and obvious endeavors of the clan. Which one of them had to work in actual office? And which one was on a reality show before Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Find out below!

Kim in Playboy

What’s the next move after your sex tape with Ray-J goes viral? Pose for Playboy of course! Not one to miss an opportunity to capitalize, Kim posed for the magazine in 2007 and next thing you know she could be seen weekly on E! with her own reality show and is now the most talked about celebrity in the world.

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    Some of these are after they got on. Like Rob’s sock line was in process about 2 years back. Kim play boy shoot was like season 2,3 of their show.

  • Stupid article.

    …stupid article. I thought it was going to be a job like flipping burgers, not crap they did after they were already rich and/or famous which is why they had any of these ‘jobs’ in the first place.

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