Happy 38th Birthday Nas: A Look Back at QB's Finest Most Memorable Style Moments

Happy 38th Birthday Nas: A Look Back at QB’s Finest Most Memorable Style Moments

From Nasty Nas to QB’s Finest, Godson to Esco, whatever the moniker, Nasir Jones is arguably one of the best lyricists alive. But aside from his profound rhymes and smooth delivery, the cute-face-rapper’s clean style deserves a bit of praise too. Nas entered the game 17 years ago rapping about a N.Y. state of Mind in bubble jackets, baggy jeans and Gortex boots. Oh, we can’t forget about the signature brim skullies he wore cocked to the side. Yep, those…

Today the hip hop honey can be seen in tailored leather jackets, crisp button-downs and slimmer denim, but don’t be bemused, the oversized fits’ resurface from time to time. Guess it’s a QB thing… Whether he’s on stage performing, shopping the sidewalks of NYC, or making a political statement on the red carpet (remember the matching “N-Word” logo’s he and ex-wife Kelis donned to the 2008 Grammy’s?), Nas got style! Join us in celebrating his 38th birthday by indulging in the gallery below.