15 Celebrities Who Always Play The Same Role


It’s very easy to get caught in stereotypes in Hollywood and these 15 celebs seem to have gotten certain characters down to a science. For better or worse, these 15 stars consistently play very similar characters:

Ischia Global Fest 2013 gala dinner

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Vanessa Hudgens has been out and about promoting her latest film The Frozen Ground and between that film and Spring Breakers we can’t help but notice the “bad girl” streak the actress is on.

Eva Mendes PF

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Eva Mendes always seems to be a disgruntled damsel in distress. Between HitchThe Place Beyond the Pines and Girl in Progress she’s got the character down pat.

Kate Hudson PF WENN

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Kate Hudson is consistently the free spirited love interest. Almost Famous may be her most notable role but How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Bride Wars present very similar characters.

Dwayne Johnson

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is consistently either chasing the bad guys or a bad guy himself.

Channing Tatum WENN pf

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Channing Tatum is consistently the good guy with a bad rep.

Johnny Depp PF WENN

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Johnny Depp has gotten the lovable eccentric lead down to a science.

Jennifer Lopez is honoured with the 2,500th star

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Jennifer Lopez has played so many characters looking for love that it’s sometimes hard to distinguish between her life on screen and off screen.


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Jennifer Aniston may be best known for her role as Rachel but her film career has consistently showcased a woman in search of love.

Tag Heuer Yacht Party - Arrivals

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Leonardo DiCaprio constantly plays the role of the debonair bad boy and for that we love him.

Tom Cruise PF WENN

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 Tom Cruise has saved the day in so many films it’s hard to think he’s NOT an undercover secret agent.

The 85th Annual Oscars at Hollywood & Highland Center

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Catherine Zeta Jones has played a villain in so many films it’s hard to think this sweet Welsh actress could ever be bad.


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Zooey Deschanel seems to be the perpetual quirky cute girl in every she to plays.

Adam Sandler PF WENN

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When has Adam Sandler not played Adam Sandler? It seems he will be the wild, funny man for life.

Leslie Mann PF WENN

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Leslie Mann is consistently the gorgeous suburban mom and we can see why!

Oscars Red Carpet Arrivals

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If a film calls for an eccentric or possibly evil villainous character Helena Bonham Carter is your girl.

  • kellifray

    Is it type casting or a lack of true acting ability that forces them to merely play themselves over and over? It worked so well for our older action guys who couldn’t act their way out of a paper bag that it appears our newer ”stars” followed the lead. I site Stallone, Steven Segal, Jean Claude Van Dam, Chuck Norris. Really, could any of them act? No, but they were all in demand and very well paid.

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