Back In The Saddle: Kanye West Reportedly Working On Fashion Week Collection (Third Time’s A Charm?)

Kanye West seen shopping for furniturePhoto: WENN

Rapper come fashion designer, Kanye West, may have been knocked off his high horse when his fashion line was widely panned– not once, but twice–by the fashion world, but he is back in the proverbial LV embossed saddle.  According to the NY Post, Yeezus is said to be working on a 100 piece unisex collection, set to be revealed during Fall fashion week.  To ensure success, he reportedly created a team of advisers, which includes Diesel’s Nicola Formichetti.

West’s most recent collection with A.P.C did remarkable well, granted it consisted of high end basics, but perhaps it’s a sign that he has come into his own as a designer.  We are rooting for his success– we love a good ‘against all odds’ story.

StyleBlazers, place your bets!  Will his line be loved or panned?

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